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Dec 19, 2006 02:55 PM


A friend has been given the task of furnishing egg nog for a holiday get together. He turned to me as his food maven and I am failing dismally. I have a vague recollection of occasionally seeing waxed cartons of the stuff at the back of the supermarket dairy case but something tells me that this isn't a good solution for him. Is there any 'to die for' or at least tolerable egg nog to be purchased in quart or larger quantity...preferably in Manhattan? TIA!

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  1. You'd probably get more responses by posting on the Manhattan board.

    1. The best egg nog is from Pete's Waterfront Ale House. I've only been to the one in bklyn on Atlantic Ave, but there's one in Manhattan somewhere. It's a bit pricy ($20/bottle) but it's the best I've ever had. I think there 4 different kinds of rum...yumm..gonna go get some today!

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        Pete's is very good. I think it also has bourbon and cognac besides the assorted rums. But, it may get kind of pricey buying enough for a large get together.

      2. Without a doubt the best egg nog I've had in NYC is from RonnyBrook dairy which has a store in the chelsea market.

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          Ronnybrook got a bum rap in the New York magazine eggnog taste-off last year. I like Ronnybrook. At the Union Square farmers' market too.

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              I already bought some and I want to make it alcoholic- does anyone have any suggestions for which kind/how much booze I should add? Obviously, this is to taste, but I'm clueless. Thanks.

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                I always liked the coconut eggnog my aunt used to make. Obviously you have to like coconut, but it's a hit at parties.

                I'm not sure about the measurements or number of eggs (A LOT of eggs -- maybe 10 or so?), but I seem to remember the ingredients are:

                Egg nog mix, eggs, sweet condensed milk, can of Coco Lopez (available at most bodegas), your favorite aged dark rum (e.g., Barillito, Brugal or, for a lighter coconut flavor, try white Cruzan Coconut rum), bit of cinnamon. Maybe a little vanilla extract.

                After adding each ingredient to a large bowl, you need to mix it like crazy with an egg beater to thicken.

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                  Waterfront does make a good egg nog. The recipe is on this site. Some balance of alcohol versus nog similar to this should please the crowd.


            2. The best I've had in New York was my own, followed closely be the stuff I drank at the Grand Central Oyster Bar last night.

              I posted a receipt on the spirits baord. Make it, it's easy.