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Dec 19, 2006 02:40 PM

The Paddock does it again!

Hit The Paddock last night for a last minute dinner. Four of us started with the steak tips and fries as an appetizer - as delicious as last time! Cooked perfectly to medium rare and dripping with that tangy sauce.

Two pizzas: pepperoni and ricotta/sausage. Both cooked well done. Both disappeared quickly. As good as last time - if not better!

Service was great - seemed to be a team effort and we were never without water or a beer when we needed it.

Two pizzas, steak tips and 5 beers came to $65 after tax and tip. So worth it. Can't believe I've been missing out on this place for 6 years!

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  1. We went back to the Paddock a couple of weeks ago after a long hiatus. The pizza just blew us away--why can't more places do it so well?? Anyway, you've just whetted my appetite for another Paddock visit-- maybe tonight. . .

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    1. re: phoebek

      Have you been to Pino's in Cleveland Circle and if so, how does it compare? Cuz that place gets lots of thumbs up here but I got a slice last week and it was unexciting. Granted, it had to ride back to JP, but it was just okay and I found the crust very boring. I usually eat at least half of the back crust but I tossed this, too thick and boring.

    2. I'm curious where folks stand on starting with the marinated tomato and garlic as a base, and building from there.

      Based on the feedback after the CH extravaganza, I got an MT&G delivered, and loved it. I will definitely be ordering it again, likely with additional toppings piled on from here.

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      1. re: finlero

        I'm one of the fans. I love that chopped marinated tomato and garlic base (BTW, at the CH dinner, our end of the table ordered most of our pizzas with this since our friendly waitress recommended it as her favorite). I would have to say my favorite is the pizza with those marinated tomatoes and garlic and the addition of chopped hot cherry peppers, which is what I'll be ordering again when I get back to the Paddock.

        1. re: Rubee

          Name the date and I'll be there. Had Regina's pizza today - half pepperoni, half sausage and onion. Ordered well-done. And it's my favorite pizza in all of Boston. But the Paddock ain't no slouch and a side order of the tips would go down well with a couple of carafes of their cheap and cheerful chianti. I am really glad to know this place is great, and welcoming to newcomers. It doesn't look that way from the outside.

          1. re: yumyum

            Last time I went to Regina's, I ordered the pizza well-done. The waitress came out with the pizza, showed it to me, and asked me if I wanted it in the over for another minute, which I did. That alone is why I keep going back to Regina's. But I do love the Paddock, too. Probably in my top 5 places for pizza in the Boston area.

            1. re: yumyum

              My favorite two pizzas from Regina's are the Quattro Formaggio (four cheese white pizza) and the link sausage pizza. I have them cooked well done. Mmm pizza.....

              1. re: yumyum

                Re: Regina's. Lately I've been ordering the Napoletana Pizza instead of my usual anchovy. It's listed under "old world style", and has a ton of flavor. It includes anchovy, capers, only Pecorino Romano cheese, and fresh basil. You have to be an anchovy fan, and I love the salty strong flavor of the Romano too.

              2. re: Rubee

                That was also my fave pizza. The flavors melded extremely well together. And, I'm not the biggest pizza person.

                1. re: beetlebug

                  That one was my favorite too. I love that the Paddock delivers!

            2. I was torn between Regina's (Medford...I know, I know...not close to the original!) and the Paddock tonight, but Regina's was closer to holiday shopping hell and we were hungry. Got the 16 inch #25 - Fior de Latte Pomodoro, well done. Delicious, and with a couple of glasses of house chianti, a nice dinner (with plenty leftover for tomorrow night's dinner) but I find myself still thinking about the aforementioned garlic-hot cherry pepper pizza from the Paddock. Mmm....

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              1. re: a l i c e

                I am also torn between Pizzeria Regina in Medford and the Paddock in Somerville. Before Pizzeria Regina opened at Station Landing I would always order pizza from the Paddock. Now I've gotten pizza from Regina 3 times since they opened. I like the fact that the Paddock delivers and Regina's doesn't have delivery. I always order my pizzas well done from both places. In my opinion cooking the pizza longer makes it taste better. So I guess I have two favorite pizza places.

                1. re: buffet king

                  This raises another question for our estimable pizza hounds:

                  Do Boston area pizza places automatically know what you mean when you request your pie "well done"? Or do you need to explain it?

                    1. re: finlero

                      I used to ask them to cook the pizza a little longer than normal. Some places would say "you want it well done, crispy?" I would say yes well done but not burnt. I think most pizza places know what well done means. If the pizza comes out burnt beyond recognition then I'm not taking it.

                2. I was trying to remember what it was that you all at the other end of the table were dying over...the marinated tomato. Next time!