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Dec 19, 2006 02:19 PM

Who was the chef at Gargoyles?

Trying to figure out who the chef was at gargoyles before jason santos. And, where did he/she go?

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  1. Does the name Neil or Neal Palmer ring any bells? Haven't seen him pop up anywhere else locally.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      There were a few in between Neal Palmer and Jason Santos, but Neal helped open Gargoyles, IIRC.

      I think he left the food/restaurant business to spend more time with least that's what I remember hearing.

    2. There were a few chef's between Neal and Jason- one was Jay Walker, who left Boston and is working in N. Carolina for a relative, IIRC.. then there was Peter Sultenfuss (sp.?) who went to Eastern Standard, last I heard. Neal Palmer was the original Chef at Gargoyles, that I'm sure. I think in between those two there was a cheef that came from the now defunct Dedo Lounge when it closed. I want to say his name was Ryan.

      1. It was Neal Palmer, who went to work for a catering company.
        Next it was Pete Sultenfuss, who went to work at Eastern Standard but is now chef at Green Street.
        Next it was ??? Ryan, a cranky fellow who had worked with Neal Palmer then at Dedo.
        Then it was Jay Walker, who left to work down in CT and from there, I'm not sure.
        (I work there and worked with all of them!)

        1. Jason Santos is likely the one you mean- he has recieved the most recent acclaim.

          1. yeah but neal's food was the best gargoyles has EVER been...