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Dec 19, 2006 02:18 PM

Silver Ring Sandwich report (Tampa)

Disappointed by a paltry Cuban at the Silver Ring's new Ybor location. They had one press taht simply could not keep up with the rush of customers. My sandwich was barely heated at all, but nothing could have saved it. There was so little filling. A sorry strip of salami about two inches wide almost hid the paper-thin layer of pork product. The Silver Ring's sandwich was never great, but it was never this bad, either. I'm so sorry to report that this classic Tampa institution has fallen hard. Even the charm of the old Las Novedades building cannot redeem the sandwich.

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    1. That is sad news!

      Have you tried the newly remodeled Black beans Cafe on hanley? It used to be a La Teresita. Now it's completely remodeled and has a new menu with classics and some newer type cuisine. Our favorites are their churrasco steak which comes with and excellent chimi churri and they have the best tres leches cake! Also good prices on hand made mojitos and sangria. if you go on the weekend there is also live music. Service tends to be slow but the staff is gracious and the food worth it.

      1. thanks for the tip on black beans--- i've heard good things from other reliable sources. I'll try to make it by there sometime.

        1. A real shame...but I knew it would be so. The old Silver Ring in Ybor (in the old days when Ybor was still a dangerous slum instead of a dangerous party zone!) was never the greatest cuban sandwich, but the pure atmosphere of the place was beyond price or description. The only English most of the staff knew was..."mustard or mayonaise"! When my out of town friend asked for 'hot sauce' the only English speaker told him, "we ain't Mexicans y'know...!" Just great! Oh well, the old days are gone forever.

          1. Fernerobin, you hit the proverbial nail on the head vis a vis the old Silver Ring!! There were no better times there than when Speedy Brown was working the counter when you walked in, and if all the planets were aligned there would be a skin that had formed on top of the heated milk in the stainless pitcher that they kept for the cafe con leche and it would be your cup that it got served in.....oh well....

            I'm sad too, that the new Silver Ring is a disappointment but reading this saved me the trip.

            By the way I tried Black Beans for lunch a few months ago and although the Cuban sandwich was good it cost me over 8 bucks for the sandwich and a cup of con leche......almost twice as much as some places.

            My idea for joints with only one press for the Cubans during rush hours.....get one of those presses they use in the dry cleaners - no doubt it would press a dozen sandwiches in 30 seconds (I'm kidding of course!)