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Dec 19, 2006 02:04 PM

Xmas Day- Any restaurants in KC that are open?

For those of us who aren't Christian or don't celebrate Christmas, Christmas Day can be tough. I want to poll the board and see which restaurants are open in the KC metro and JoCo areas on Xmas Day. I'm not going for only good restaurants; I'd like this to be an exhaustive list of places that us non-Christmas celebrating folks might be able to go to. Thanks Chowhound!

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  1. I think Grand Street & McCormick & Schmicks on the Plaza as well as most hotels would be open. They usually discuss it on the Walt Bodine show on Fridays at 10 am on 89.3 KCUR...

    1. Well, aside from Chinese restaurants, the only place I've seen mention of being open on Christmas is M&S Grill... other than that, I haven't heard of too many! There are lots of events on Christmas Eve though.

      1. I'd do what the family in "A Christmas Story" did after the dog ate their turkey--go Chinese..

        1. So far, we have:

          McCormick & Schmick's
          Grand Street
          Chinese places

          I've just heard that Kababesh Grill on 119th & Highway 69 will be open on Xmas day as well.

          1. Reporting back on XMas Day eating options (at around lunchtime):

            On Shawnee Mission Parkway, Home Delight Chinese Buffet on Pflumm, and Chen's Super Buffet on Quivira. The IHOP near Lackman was also open and busy.

            On 75th, Jade Bowl Chinese, near I-35. The Waffle House on Nieman was open and packed. The Taste of China on 77th & Quivira was also open.

            On 87th, Genghis Khan on Monrovia.

            Those are the only three streets I checked. We basically drove from Pflumm to Nall on each street.

            If anyone has anything else to report, please add to this thread.