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Dec 19, 2006 01:46 PM

Rumberos Cafe - Anyone been?

Will be in the neighborhood and would love to hear some opinions, including what to order.

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    1. yep--and it's a great spot. The ambiance is delightful, the food is decent but the service could use a little work. Try the Patacones Rumba and Mufungo.

      1. Beautiful space, sometimes decent food, sometimes not. Service is just about the worst place I've ever been.

        1. Visiting mom and ate dinner there last night. Enjoyed the eclectic space. The food was ok. Pork pernil was a little over done. Filet mignon tapa was excellent, and where can you get filet mignon for $10! The shrimp was excellent, but needed more bread to sop up the delicious sauce. The Ensalada Tropical was okay, nothing special, nothing horrible, but enjoyed the julienned pineapple. Walnuts in the salad should have been toasted, they were bitter.

          I will go back, but not this visit. The service wasn't bad, we were there early, only one or two other tables.