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ABC and NBC seafood

I left LA 16 years ago but frequented both NBC and ABC seafood. Are these places still around? I'm coming back.

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  1. ABC in China Town, which used to be very good, has gone down hill in a big way at least as far as their Dim Sum is concerned.

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      1. They're both still here but ABC has gotten worse -- NBC has expanded massively, so much so that they can host three banquets and still feed zillions of individual parties. I love NBC -- especially for dim sum.

        There are other, better places for dim sum, though -- 888, Triumphal Palace, Mission 261, etc.

        1. Yes, they're still around and NBC is better than ever, while ABC has slid precipitously since the chef retired in 1998. At its best ABC is still the best Chinese restaurant I've ever eaten at in the United States and sometimes I still feel like crying over what used to be. Now I'll only go to ABC for dim sum take out when I'm in a hurry.

          1. Near NBC, is Capital Seafood. I give Capital Seafood the slight edge over NBC.

            Great fried squid, also the dish with the tofu paper stuff with mushrooms or pork inside.

            Capital Seafood
            755 West Garvey Avenue in Monterey Park
            Near Ranch 99 Market

            1. CBS Seafood around the corner from ABC isn't bad for dim sum and they have a free parking lot.

              Just a matter of time before there's a Chinese restaurant named "ESPN" !!!

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                Yes, CBS is good reliable weekday lunchtime dim sum. It was the favorite of the LA Times people we used to have lunch with - maybe not as much variety as a good SGV place, but nicely prepared and very tasty. I have no idea whatsoever of how good it might be on a weekend.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  CBS was started up by the waiters from ABC after the chef/owner retired and sold the restaurant. Originally they attempted to replicate the ABC menu--indeed it was 100 percent the same menu. However, the execution wasn't the same. It's pretty packed on weekends, and the dim sum is pretty good.

              2. CBS was owned by the family of my girlfriend at the time back in Jr. High (circa 1986). She told me they also owned NBC.

                1. Actually, ABC and NBC were commonly owned back in the '80s. CBS didn't open until 1999.

                  1. OMG, you are going to gain 20 pounds trying out all the new dim sum joints!

                    And yes, to chime in with all the others, NBC is still here and more popular than ever. We were just there on Sunday and I got the LAST parking space in the massive shopping center parking lot (all the cars are there for NBC).

                    My vote for best parking and shortest wait is Mission 261 in "old" San Gabriel (near the mission.) Great food and smaller crowds cuz it's not in central Monterey Park.

                    1. Did a dimsum run last week, hitting ABC, NBC and Capital. No question...Capital was far superior on every level. Quality, service, atmosphere, hands down, Capital beat them all. In fact, I'll go as far as saying that NBC was bordering on Empress Pavilion quality...