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Dec 19, 2006 12:47 PM

Anyone know where I can get fresh perogie's?

I want to take them home and make them for dinner, so I want them uncooked. Know of a decent polish or Russian place that makes them fresh?

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  1. There's a couple of Polish butchers in the East Village that have them, one on 2nd Ave & St Mark's, one on First off of St Mark's (Kyrowicki's (sp?)). There's also a shop on First Ave & St Mark's that sells them. I'm sure other Chowhounds will be able to provide the exact name for you.

    1. Veselka on 2nd avenue. Get the regular potato or cheese ones, they are the best. They also have many different fillings.

      1. Bocce

        wow, I was just going to post this. I am looking for Polish food to take to my mom's in CT.

        I looked on Velseka's website and I didn't see any family orders - like a dozen peirogis - which is what I want. All I saw were individual meals.

        I wonder if there is a Polish grocery/deli outside Manhattan where you can buy in bulk..

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          I know I've seen a place on 1st ave, near Kurowycky (maybe just 1 block north?), on the east side of the street that sells pirogies to go.

          1. re: KTinNYC

            I wish I knew what this place was called (it may just be "peirogies") but their mushroom sauerkraut peirogies are fantastic (even when prepared by a clueless peirogi preparer like me). That's all I've ever gotten there, but the shop always smells amazing (hunger-inducing and comforting simultaneously), which suggests to me that there is more greatness there worth exploring.

            1. re: rose water

              The shop's name is the "Pierogi Deli". They sell a variety of pierogis, both savory and fruit filled.

              It is next door (1 shop north) of Kurowycky.

              In addition they sell fresh blintzes, borscht, a few other soups and a few dishes to go like stuffed cabbage.

          2. re: Yankeestuckintexas

            you can order them from velselka uncooked by the dozen. the potato and onion are good as are the kraut ones!

            1. re: Yankeestuckintexas

              BTW, Veselka does sell in dozens. Just ask at the counter.

              1. re: Yankeestuckintexas

                Yes ask on the Outer Boroughs board. You'll get dozens of suggestions.

              2. Are this places where I can buy perogies to take home?

                I know there are significant Polish and Russian populations in Queens and especially in Brooklyn, are there any places in either borough worth mentioning?

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                1. re: bocce

                  Stanley's Pierogies on Metropolitan Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens is my favorite right now, but a question about outer borough pierogies (or discussion of Stanley's) would be more suited to the Outer Boroughs board.....

                  1. re: BackyardChef

                    Thanks, BackyardChef, you're right.

                    Please keep this thread focused on Manhattan peirogies. For Brooklyn and Queens recommendations, please start a new thread on the Outer Boroughs Board: as they are off topic here.


                  2. re: bocce

                    The places I noted in my first post all have packages to go. Two of them are butcher shops, and KTinNYC also noted the place on First Ave, except s/he spelled Kurowycky correctly ;) Don't know about Veselka, I've only gotten food there to eat in.

                    1. re: bocce

                      Pierogi can be purchased in Greenpoint, check the Outer Boroughs Board. I have also seen them in the city. Ukrainian National Home has the best I've had outside of Greenpoint, not sure if they sell them. They are also easy to make (see Home Cooking Board).

                    2. and also Key Food on Ave. A & 4th St. fresh pierogis-potato,potato&cheese,potato&spinach,sauerekraut...$3.99 for a package--these other posts are great too