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Dec 19, 2006 12:40 PM

The Hunt for Fried Struffoli...

Well this year I'm cheating. An active ("devious" is a more appropriate word choice if I'm really going to be honest) three year old has made baking my usual10 varietties of Christmas cookies "challenging" enough, and the idea of frying in hot oil is a bit I'm actually buying my struffoli this year. The majority of bakeries here bake the struffoli unfortunately, and the resulting flavor is lacking and the texture too light. My favorite bakery, handsdown, D'Aquila on Francis Lewis Blvd, offered in addition to their trays and trays of baked, a fried version by request this weekend. While it was certainly better than the baked, no one liked the addition of orange flavor from the candied orange peel they added to the honey mixture. I loved it, but the struffoli is more for my old-school relatives than myself.

So, the question remains...any favorite bakeries for my beloved fried honey ballls?

Grazie Mille,

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  1. Damascus is doing fried honey balls -- I had no idea that there was an Italian name/version too. I think of them as a Cypriot / Greek treat (Loukoumades). Anyway, we were thrilled to find them there this weekend, as my husband looks forward to them when we go to cyprus. They tasted pretty much as we remember though not dripping in honey as they are in Cyprus.

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      Walk into a Jewish/Kosher bakery and ask for "tayg-lach" (sounds like "lock")...yet another variation on the theme.

    2. If you are a struffoli (pronounced stru-fol-a!) purist - the place to go is St. Anthony's Bakery on 69th street and Fort Hamilton Parkway in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. They've been baking the best bread, cookies, and struffoli's for years. It's a no frills, family run, authentic Brooklyn bakery. Make sure to pick-up some 7-layer cookies too.

      1. COURT STREET PASTRY has Struffoli in large and small sizes.

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        1. yes...I am actually familiar with them but, alas they are baked and not fried....I am looking for the deep fried ones- most bakeries today bake them :(

          Some bakeries will fry them for you as per a special order, but most don't like to.


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            For those who don't know, the fried struffoli are tastier and much more dense with a harder exterior. Much, much tastier overall. I'll have to investigate a bit before replying.

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              I should have writted FRIED in caps in my query.....Oh Well.

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                I know I'm a little late in the game here with this, but for future reference Circo Pastry Shop in Bushwick makes the fried version, as does Palermo Pastry Shop in Old Mill Basin and V&J Pork store in Monroe, NY for those who live in Orange County. I'm not a struffoli expert, but these places have good stuff otherwise and I've enjoyed the struffoli from there. Palermo's also has mini packages of the struffoli, which was all I got this year as my family cut back and only got 4 lbs of stuff for Xmas.

                Circo's Pastry Shop
                312 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

                Palermo Pastry Shop
                5517 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234

          2. We have been making struffoli in our family for years (generations--our anglicized name for them is "strouffles"). It is a huge project, sticky dough, flour everywhere, lots of time, then the frying (that's the fun part). When kids are a bit older, rolling out the "snakes" of dough and cutting them up is a good family project.
            Unfortunately I have NEVER come across struffoli in any bakery that even come close. For one thing, they are giant..ours are little pellets of brown, crisp, sherry-orange-honey goodness, about 1/2 inch in diameter. Some things can't be bought!

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              The ones at the bakery in our hometown in Sicily are pretty deadly, I tell you that :)

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                The Struffoli at COURT STREET PASTRY are small.

                1. re: Fleur

                  I saw them. Ours are smaller and browner :)

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                  Someone brought a platter of struffoli to a party last week that were very small, and pretty tasty, although bereft of sherry! In retrospect, they were crunchy and might have been fried, but I can't guarantee it. The platter was purchased at Palumbo's, a new Belmont bakery (off-shoot of the Egidio family wars, AFAIK)on 187th and Arthur (there's another branch - which preceded it - in Riverdale).

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                    Striver, I didn't know that information was common knowledge.

                    Supposedly, Palombo, aka "uwe professore" (taught at Fordham?), is from Esperia (near Rome) and his ex-wife owns Egidio's. Friendly competition you say? That might have originally been his and wound up losing it after his separation. He opens up some really nice bakeries though.

                    His other locations: