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Dec 19, 2006 12:28 PM

Kid Friendly Fare In Buckhead

We will be staying Buckhead after Christmas for a few days and are looking for good kid friendly restaurants in the area. Please help.


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  1. I have two young kids (4 and 2), and this list reflects what works for us at this time..not ideal but reality.

    The Cheesecake Factory.
    Both Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza have food courts and in Lenox there is a California Pizza Kitchen.
    Waffle House
    Mellow Mushroom (pizza, etc.)
    Japanese Steak houses...(age depending)
    Pasta Vino or maybe Maggiano's
    Willy's, Moe's or Chipotle (mexican)
    OK Cafe (southern)
    Goldberg's Deli

    1. Buckhead also has a Johnny Rockets. It's a chain, but its kid friendly. Hope this helps

      1. All of those are kid-friendly, but not necessarily chow-ish. Do you have a car? Where in Buckhead will you be?

        In Buckhead, though not necessarily walkable, Taka is probably the best sushi in town and is kid-friendly.

        The Collonade on Cheshire Bridge is a fun throwback old Southern restaurant, perfect for kids.

        Just about any Vietnamese place is kid-friendly, my standby is Pho Dai Loi on Buford Highway.

        There's La Fonda Latina on Roswell Rd which makes a great chicken, good quesadillas etc for the kids.

        Roasters on Lenox is solid southern comfort food (rotisserie chicken, veggies, good if not authentic BBQ ribs), very kid-friendly.

        Havana Sandwich Shop on Buford Hwy has great Cuban sandwiches, good beans and rice for the kids.

        There are many more!!!

        1. We will be staying at the Ritz and have a car. Relatively close is good, but not critical.

          This is all really helpful... thanks!

          1. Not the greatest food but to me a trip for kids would be Dante's Down the Hatch for the Disneyland feel of eating in a boat and the fun of Fondu. And it is close to the Ritz.