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Dec 19, 2006 12:19 PM

The “best” Austrian/German in the city

I want to go to the best Austrian or German restaurant in the city. Any recommendations?

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  1. Lederhosen on Grove Street has nice food and a good selection of beers. Decor is a bit kitschy, though.

    Silver Swan has more upscale atmosphere.

    Rolf's food is mediocre at best, but its soooo festive around the holidays.

    Lorelie (a bar, mostly) has reliable wursts.

    In Queens, Zum Stammtisch, on Staten Island, Kilmeyer's.

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    1. re: MaspethMaven

      what about Danube or Thomas Biesl (latter in Brooklyn)

    2. Zum Schneider on Ave. C and 7th st. is ok. The Käsespätzle(spatzle with cheese, onions and bacon) is really good. They have a good selection of beers as well.

        1. Is Walse up to its reputation? I've passed by it a few times and it looks great but worry its all hype.

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            It's excellent but sometimes the hype gets ahead of the place. The rabbit spaezel is excellent.

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              i've had several fantastic meals at wallse. the only dish i had that wasn't fantastic was a pancetta-wrapped monkfish. it was somewhat overcooked and just not that flavorful. but otherwise, i have been nothing but impressed. the service is always fantastic, the atmosphere is sophisticated but very comfortable. and the best part of the meal has always been the sommelier. he knows his stuff and loves to talk about his wines.

              but it's definitely a "nice restaurant" as opposed to a bier and schnitzel place. though....their wiener schnitzel is what i think of when i think of that dish.

            2. In Manhattan I like Silver Swan, Lederhosen and Zum Schneider-haven't tried Lorelei. Of course there's Wallse which is good. Haven't been to Danube. In Queens my sentimental favorite is Chalet Alpina on Metropolitan Ave.