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Dec 19, 2006 10:44 AM

Brooklyn Egg Creams

I have a friend visiting next week and he has requested a genuine Brooklyn egg cream. Does anyone have any suggestions? There must be some reliable luncheonette or diner that I can visit.

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  1. The ladies at Hinsch's,8518 5th Ave (Bay Ridge), make an excellent old-fashioned egg-cream. Its also a great old-style ice-cream parlor/lunchonette and they sell their own chocolates too. I always go for a grilled cheese and egg cream lunch when shopping at Century 21 (or an ice-cream soda if I'm feeling indulgent.)

    1. Tom's Restaurant on Washington Ave in Prospect Heights also makes an excellent egg cream(I have had Hinsch's as well). I am an egg cream snob, and find their's to be my favorite around, though gem spa is still pretty good. But I still make better ones at home, just like grandma did.

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      1. re: ghbrooklyn

        i like toms but the egg cream they make is totally wrong-too sweet/ w whip cream. blasphemy.

        1. re: josh L

          I get it with no whipped cream and less syrup. But I'd still rather make it at home.

          1. re: ghbrooklyn

            Hinsch's is one of the few remaining places that get it right. As a 50-something lifelong Brooklynite (well for 40something of it anyway), I can tell you that it just isnt easy to find anymore. By the way, I make 'em at home too but you really need to get the seltzer delivered in the high pressure CO2 bottles to do it right (I dont any longer). Bottled supermarket seltzer doesnt have the power to really blend the milk and chocolate syrup (gotta use U-bet) and give it the head it needs. Too much like settling for a flat beer.

          2. re: josh L

            As a native New Yorker, I can say this about egg creams, never put whipped cream on an egg cream, it is supposed to have a froth on top, and you should be able to taste the seltzer, it should not be too sweet. In fact, it got the name egg cream because of the froth, it looks like an egg that is whisked into a froth.

          3. re: ghbrooklyn

            Gem Spa, YES

            Goes great right after a Dead concert at the Fillmore, and get some hand packed pint of Breyers while your at it, 1 chocolate, one vanilla

            1. re: Jack_

              "Gem Spa, YES

              Alternatively, after a Fillmore concert, one could go to Ratner's and enjoy being insulted by the waiters.

              1. re: Rmis32

                But the strawberry shortcake was worth it, besides, the insults were part of the atmosphere.

                I always thought that Edsel ford Fong, late of Sam Wo's in SF got the idea from eating at Ratners

              2. re: Jack_

                After a Dead concert at the Fillmore East. They used to have the Dead acoustic set, then the New Riders of the Purple Sage, followed by the Dead electric set. After the electric set they would empty out the house and let in the people for the late show. The late show had no time constraint. The late show would go until 6 AM. Jerry played in both bands, therefore did not leave the stage from 8 PM to 6 AM The show called "an evening with the Grateful Dead" would play 4 nights in a row, so they would be playing in the middle of the work week. When the exit door would open up the sunlight would stream in and you were transported back to the reality of people getting to work. Ratners was open, but most would just want to get to the comfort of a bed. An egg cream would have been a welcome refreshment.

            2. Hinsch's in Brooklyn is the way to go.

              1. I had one that was good in Greenpoint, but I have no idea where. That's really helpful, right? Right near some ball fields...

                1. That's the hot dog stand on Driggs at the northern end of McCarren Park. But it changed hands a while back and they fancied the place up, so I'm not sure if they still do 'em.

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                  1. re: Woodside Al

                    Right you are! That's what I was talking about, I'm surprised you could even tell based on my vague description.