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Dec 19, 2006 07:02 AM

Marunouchi (Tokyo station area) recs

Just started a job in Marunouchi near Tokyo station. Any good lunch recommendations?

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  1. Plenty of great places. How far are you from the Tokyo Building and Tokia restaurant complex? Viron for the sandwiches, Il Ghiottone for Japanese-Italian dishes, and several great shops inside as well in the basement. Also, have not been, but the pork restaurant looks very interesting. I think it is on the 3rd or 4th floor. Of course, you have Daimaru in the station as well as interesting ramen shops in the basement of Tokyo station.

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      Thanks. I am in MY plaza (Meiji Yasuda Seimei Building) near Nijubashimae station.

    2. Tons of stuff on the 5 or 6th floor of the Maru Biru. Some not too cheap though.

      1. Jucheim (sp?) in the basement of Marubiru has great breads and salads for take out. There was a space with tables at which you could eat your purchases...not sure if it is still there as things change so quickly. Also, Senbikiya has nice sandwiches and curry, but best of all, great desserts with super delicious and high quality fruit. Maremma is good for pizza...but not sure of location...a free standing cafe near one of the zillion Mizuho Bank buildings around there.

        1. Vinpicoeur Marunouchi is a great lunch place! They do foie gras rice bowl(Y1280) every Monday lunch time which is absolutely delicious. Roasted pork is very good too.
          English review here:

          Foie gras "don" picture here:

          1. Thank you everyone. Two colleagues took me to the Maru Biru and had a good experience. I went to Ichiya-Ichiya on the 6th floor. Excellent grilled fish (yaki-zakana).

            My friends also told me there is a great tofu place on the 5th floor. Will report back.