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Osso Buco in Houston and Dallas?

I'm celebrating my birthday in both cities, and I'm craving osso buco. Any recommendations for a restaurant that serves excellent osso buco?

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  1. Prego's in Rice Village often has a very good Osso Buco during the winter months.

    1. I've eaten once at Alessio's in Dallas and really enjoyed it. Here's a picture of their osso buco.


      1. Actually I would say one of the best is not in Dallas proper but rather Plano http://www.paparazzirestaurant.com/. It depends on how you like your osso bucco, they serve the entire shank style with demi etc.

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          I really liked Paparazzi, but last time I went by, there were bolted shut with a notice of foreclosure. Bummer as I really liked their food.

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            wow! really, haven't been there for a while bummer.

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              Yep I went by there last night to see if indeed it look like there had been any activity. It's really to bad after he moved his family down here to help him out. I guess it was just to big a load on the place. I am wondering if Sandman catering has survived or if it's gone as well.

        2. I saw a good looking Osso Buco at Ninos last week.
          Pregos is one of the most underrated restaurants in town.

          1. Wow, I'm always in Rice Village and I've never took notice to Prego's. I'll be sure to notice it next time.

            Irodguy: Thanks -- I actually am from the north Dallas area so Plano is a perfect location

            Scagnetti: Thanks for the picture; my mouth is already watering

            1. One more suggestion would be Positano. I have not had their Ossobuco but I have had his pork chops many times and they are great! http://www.positanodallas.com/index.htm

              I can warn you ahead of time though that he really thinks a lot of the food. $$$$ for the price paparazzi is a better value.

              1. try piccolo mondo in arlington - best so far!


                1. I had the osso buco at Tony's in Houston recently and it was the best I've ever had. I believe it's a special however and Tony's is a bit pricey but I thought it was outstanding. Call ahead and make sure it's on the menu before you go. Link below


                  1. I don't know if it is still on the menu, but I had the "inverted" osso bucco at Hibiscus and I absolutely loved it. I'm not a fan of places like Hibiscus or Trece, but I do make a point of going once or twice when they open, if for no other reason than to people watch. I rarely return.

                    But the osso bucco at Hibiscus was worth returning for. The shank is pulled out, cut in half lengthwise, and a parmesan gremolata is put over the marrow and then it is baked with the meat. It is unbelievable.

                    I can't even remember what it was served with, nor does it matter. The parmesan/marrow gremolata was noteworthy.

                    Adelmo's also serves a tasty osso bucco, but I seem to remember one of the sides being hotel restaurant-like sauteed veggies - you know, the chopped up yellow squash, onions, broccoli sauteed in butter that are basically tasteless.

                    But I do remember the meat and red wine sauce as quite tasty.

                    1. Osso Bucco at Ferrari's in Addison is the best I've had in Dallas as far as Italian restaurants go. They give the marrow fork which few restaurants do (this is a turn off for some people but I love the flavor). Its not always on the menu so you might want to call ahead. Also, Suze does an incredible job - as they do with everything else - and the osso is a staple on their winter menu.

                      1. On the other hand for a mean lamb osso bucco try Kathleens, as I remember it's also an attractive price.

                        Of coure the real bottom line is Osso bucco is a very easy dish to make at home. While the cooking time is long the prep time is relatively short. Also the price of shoulder cuts is very attractive. You can get the official "veal" cuts for around 5ish a pound at most any butcher shop. You can get beef shoulder which has virtually no difference in flavor for less than $2 a pound at Carnival.