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Papaya King coming to L.A.!? [moved from L.A. board]

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Papaya King ceo Dan Horan is mulling the possibility of opening Papaya King in LA, according to New York Magazine.


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    1. That's interesting! Funny, I was just reading an old article on the wall at Zankou chicken that mentioned that they were interested in opening in New York.

      1. I give up - what's Papaya King? Should we care if it's coming to L.A.?

        1. it's a cheap hotdog joint, like pinks but w/ juice.


          1. Playing the Devil's advocate here...think it will do well in LA without the homegrown (and appreciated), funky charm? A good hot dog is a good hot dog but you can't recreate charm and character.

            I know it's about the details/location but I would wonder the same thing if Phillipe's French Dip opened a store in NYC or elsewhere.

            1. Good luck to them if they do. Angelenos don't eat many hotdogs. We eat burgers.

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                Actually, I think I remember reading that LA consumes more hot dogs per capita than any other US city. I fondly remember Papaya King from my NY days (though I preferred Grey's Papaya) and welcome them with open buns.

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                  Yes, Los Angeles is a hot dog town as well as a burger town. If you don't believe me, just take a look at Steve Doggie-Dogg's website, http://www.hotdogspot.com/

                  Edited to add: D'oh! jeffskal beat me to it, by twelve hours, no less!

                2. No, we don't. Not all the time. We eat Hot Dogs too.

                  I've discovered Skooby's now (Hollywood and Redondo) so I don't care anymore. And Carney's is supposed to be great too. Just ask the Steve Doggie-Dogg and the guys at http://www.hotdogspot.com