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Dec 19, 2006 05:51 AM

Help with Buford/Atlanta area seafood/meat markets!

Going to be in Buford area for a week and am looking for good markets for seafood (sea scallops, king crab, sea bass) and meat markets (prime rib roast, baby back ribs, porterhouse steaks, andouille, chorizo). All veggies I think I will go to one of the many big Korean markets, not sure how they are on meat/seafood though. I'll report back to let you all know how I do. Also plan on visiting the Korean restaurants in the area, any favorites?

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  1. Super-H on Pleasanthill is known for a good seafood selection. Can't say where to get meat on BuHi.

    Favorite Korean restaurant is So Kong Dong, in the Pinetree West plaza, north side of BuHi, not too far inside the perimeter (I-285).

    1. For the meat, you probably should trek more intown and hit Your Dekalb Farmer's Market. You could actually cover all bases there. That said, I'm pretty ignorant on what's out that way besides the big Asian markets.

      The one item I've had trouble with lately is andouille sausage. We ended up making a trip (my first) to Patak Meats in Austell to get some. How I'd never made it there before, I have no idea. Guess I'd been buying their stuff at YDFM for years without realizing it was local. But YDFM didn't have their andouille the last time I was there (just some faux boutique "andouille" made with turkey).

      Patak was amazing. It was their one Saturday to be open for December, the parking lot was full, and there was a line almost out the door. We spent $50 and hauled away a cooler full of great stuff- hard salami, garlic salami, andouille, fresh brats, smoked pork chops, steaming hot "Stuttgart" meat loaf (it almost didn't make it back to I-20), pastrami, boudin, knockwurst, liverwurst, smoked liverwurst (which was, in fact, a $2 piece of meaty heaven), and bacon.

      If you really want to go on a meat expedition, make a weekday run to Austell and go there.

      1. What about the Buford Highway farmer's market right at 285 and Buford Highway? I've bought good meat and seafood there for cheap.

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          I was just thinking you might not find the "Western" cuts (rib roast, porterhouse) there. When I get baby backs, I hit the former Hong Kong Supermarket at Plaza Fiesta. Theirs are small but they have lots of loin meat on them.

        2. I like Ranch 99 in Asia Square for a huge selection and some exoctic choices if not for the best hygine.
          When there check out "the Barbeque Corner" down closer to Buford Highway for excelent Chinese food (but no longer for Chinese Barbeque) Their fresh sea food is very special.

          1. Wow, Patak (I need a place like this in Orange County!) and YDFM are a bit further than I'd care for (from where I am staying) but after Google'ing them, I think I have to go! BTW, for cheeses, I plan on going to Whole Foods - any other suggestions?

            Many thanks all and I'll post my finds, esp: any new Korean restaurants as my family is quite picky on those.
            Happy Holidays!

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              Again, if you make the trip, you can get it all at YDFM. I'm probably going to make a trip there tomorrow, but I'm almost dreading it, b/c it's going to be nuts.

              The Harry's/Whole Foods in Duluth is a little closer.

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                For cheese, try Savor Specialty Foods, in Buckhead. Kind of hard to find, but once you do, you'll be glad.

                Besides cheese, Savor has lots of other goodies and the owners are really nice.