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Dec 19, 2006 05:33 AM

Asian Noodles -- Reno -- Quick Update

We went to a Christmas Party tonight and although the booze was flowing, the food was definitely not enough. We found ourselves craving something quick, warming, and not very rich (most of the apps at the party seemed to involve cheese and/or dairy in some form....). Asian Noodles (or is it Asian Noodle house?..anyway, its a small Vietnamese place in the Airport Costco shopping center, right next door to Sushi Pier) hit the spot. I had the rare beef pho, and hubby the chicken soup with rice noodles (I forget the menu name). Both were delicious. Service was fast and friendly, and they didn't seem at all disturbed by the fact that we walked in about five minutes before the official closing time. The place was packed by the way...a good sign on a Monday night (there are about 10 tables, and only one small two top was available).....Our bill for two was $12 including tax and tip, so it certainly fits in the "cheap" category. I didn't notice if they have any beer or wine available; alcohol was the last thing I wanted......

Another thing to remember about this place is its proximity to the airport....It would be a good place for a quick pre- or post-flight meal...

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  1. Nice report, Janet. They have a lot of the staff from the old Kim Son and I suspect they're getting a lot of the customers, too. I want to go sometime during the day and try their prepared food that they have sitting buffet style. Viet Pho in Shopper's Square tried that for about two weeks and abandoned it.

    1. I've tried it too, after the review in the paper...was it last week? I went on a Saturday around 1:00 and it was packed. Matter of fact, they seated me at a folding table between the prep station and the kitchen. That was kind of a bummer, but the food was great, so I'll give them a second chance. I can't tell you exactly what the name was of my dish - it was a rare beef entree that was listed under the "traditional vietnemese dishes". It was in a broth along with vegetables and rice noodles and a sweet/spicey sauce was provided (with carrots), as well.

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        Went back to Asian Noodles for lunch today, after being inspired by reading an amazing post on here about Pho. It is really quite nice - DH was with me who is a skeptical diner. I could see him looking at the menu with trepidation, however, midway thru his own bowl of Pho, he exclaimed, "this is really good!". We both had the brisket and flank Pho, and I happily added the veggies, lime and chili paste provided. I got a large bowl for $5.75 and brought half back with me. It seems to being going strong - we got there at noon and there was only a couple tables and when we left, there was a line.

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          Did you happen to notice if the new Indian place around the corner of that part of the strip mall is opened yet (where that lousy bar used to be?) Two weeks ago it looked like it was getting close....

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            I stopped by yesterday. Did you see the notice from the landlord that they were making building changes without the landlord's approval? I noticed that yesterday. Construction may be halted. I dunno. It was a Saturday. I didn't see a building permit posted in the window either.

      2. A quick update: I've eaten here a couple of times the last few weeks....and enjoyed my meals both times very much. The word is definitely out about the place; it was packed both at lunch and dinner time. And there are a lot of Asians eating there, fwiw.

        BTW, yesterday they had a special of roasted duck in noodle soup. The duck tasted just like the roasted duck from the Asian Supermarket...maybe it was! (and that's not a bad thing...). But the broth was definitely duck-based, and very rich. Great for a duck lover!

        One final note: some Vietnamese teenagers were dining next to us (I assume they were Vietnamese; they were chatting a lot with the owners). Anyway, I over heard one of them tell his friends (in English, obviously) that his favorite Vietnamese restaurant was the one by Target. ???? Is there a Vietnamese restaurant near Target??? If so, I might have to check it out......

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          Yes! There is a new Vietnamese retaurant by Target...I just noticed it today. It's called Pho and it is in one of those shops up front across from Home Depot. I live up off the Mt. Rose Highway, so I'm happy that there is an ethnic restaurant a little closer to my end of town - looking forward to trying it as well as hearing other Chowhounder's opinions. BTW, I finally made it to Pho 777, I think I prefer Asian Noodles - now I'll have to compare it to the new Pho.

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            Thanks, Nancy!! I'll have to go check it it on Virginia, then??? I'm trying to picture where it is.....

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              6775 Sierra Center Parkway Suite 600
              Reno, NV
              It's across the parking lot from the front of Target.
              Good pho. Great spring rolls and egg rolls. I don't like egg rolls, but I like Pho's egg rolls. They put pork and mushrooms in them.
              Plus, it's elegant, like Saigon 88 in Sparks.

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                I went back to Pho and got the barbecue pork noodle soup (xa xiu). It was delicious. Great broth, a tasty yellow noodle and good pork. And egg rolls.

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                Just saw this post, and luckily Steve replied. For some reason, "my recent posts" aren't showing up, or with replies. (like Voila). Hmmm...but! Thanks to Steve's review, I'll have to check out the new Pho.

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                  It's not just for you...the VoilĂ ! post appeared to have completely vanished when I looked for it yesterday.

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                    I believe Voila got axed completely because of non-food discussion.

          2. I eat at Asian Noodles all the time and I love it. The best Pho is #7 w/ beef brisket. The meat isn't fatty and also tastes like potroast. I have eaten at almost every Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle for over 5 years and this place in Reno is my favorite. Another great place to try for Asian Food is Palais de Jade on Moana.