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Dec 19, 2006 02:59 AM

how long do clementines keep?

I've had a crate of clementines for more than a week, with the intention of baking Nigella's clementine cake-- ideally, I'll be baking the cake tomorrow or Wednesday, but am I pushing my chances with the freshness of these clementines?

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  1. Clementines and mandarins can be stored at room temperature for at least a week and somewhat longer in the fridge. Eat one or two from your crate; you should be able to tell whether they're still viable.

    1. As mentioned ... one week out. Two weeks, maybe three in the vegetable bin in the fridge. The skin is thin so they don't last as long as other citrus which can go for months in the fridge. After a week check for any that have signs of rot. Usually it starts near the stem end. If you prune out some of the clementines that are looking poorly, a few will go as long as a month.

      1. I say eat 'em as quickly as possible. There's nothing like truly fresh citrus. A just-picked grapefruit is overpoweringly sweet, for instance. However, this fades fast.

        1. I've had them last up to 3 weeks at room temp. My husband has a thing about putting them in the fridge. In the fridge, definitly they will last that long. But I do agree that they taste better eaten sooner than later and you can tell when they are starting to go old - the skin will start looking desicated. I also always go through the box when I get it home to check for any moldy ones - there usually is one or two hidden at the bottom and you want to remove these quickly so they don't infect the others.

          Having said all that, I think yours will be fine for cooking this week :-)