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Dec 19, 2006 02:32 AM

Annisa for special outing?

My wife and I want to go out for a special evening that includes a mind-blowing tasting menu. We don't want it to be a place that's overly fussy (like say, Daniel), but instead with a casually elegant vibe and amazing food. I'm thinking Annisa but have never been. Any comments or other ideas?

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  1. I celebrated my anniversary at the restaurant two weeks ago. Can't recommend it enough. Ask for table 8, and order complementary tasting menus that include all the signature dishes (e.g. the foie gras dumplings, the black cod, etc).

    1. annisa is a great choice for it treats you well. this small house enjoys serving people and anita lo is a true searcher of great flavor, you can find bigger or more flamboyant places but none more honest in its product.

      1. Annisa is wonderful. I have been there several times.
        Village atmosphere but real serious food.
        I love it.

        1. I went to Annisa expecting a solid meal. What we had instead was a truly fantastic feast. Of course, my parents paid, which made it even better, but the food was simply sublime. I'd definitely have a tasting menu. You can choose the number of courses (we had four, which was perfectly satisfying). They'll ask you for any sort of dietary problems or preferences. Our waiter was very keen to get as much feedback from us as possible. We spent nearly 15 minutes discussing options. It was a great!

          Chef Lo's deft touch with raw fish is not to be missed. In a city overrun with crudo and sashimi, hers was truly memorable. Equally fantastic were the desserts. They gave us four different plates, which was wonderful. I'd highly recommend the apple tart--I know, it's not sexy-- but it was, without question, the best apple tart I've ever tasted. Equally phenomenal were the lemon-poppyseed cake bars.

          Annis is a gem. Atmosphere, service, food: it's all great.

          1. If you want mind-blowing, then you might want to rethink Annisa. While there were some high notes, there were too many low notes for me to make the experience anything more than average. I wasn't particularly wowed by it at all.