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Dec 19, 2006 02:22 AM

Good Restaurants around Radisson Hotel (Toronto East)?


I have relatives visiting this Christmas, and they will be staying at Radisson Hotel Toronto East. Which makes for an interesting situation: I live near UofT and my knowledge of the GTA is pretty much confined to the downtown core. Fortunately they are renting a car.

Can anyone please recommend good chow around the area of their hotel? I think it's Sheppard/Victoria Park? Preferably within 15 mins drive and family friendly. Their children are 11 and 12 years of age.

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  1. Two places that are really close

    1/ Across the Vic Park and just north a bit is Noodles. Each dish is worth the $8ish price. Fast made to order. I recommend teh Shanghai, Singapore or Beef Brisket but all are good.

    2/ There is a sushi place in the next strip mall (going north) that is good (it's right next to the fish and chips place).

    continuing further north on Vic Park is Johny's (look for the orange sign/wall) which some people like for a good burger.

    Turning left onto Sheppard, a block or two west of Vic Park is The Fish House where you can order the fish made in your preferred preparation. I also enjoy their bouillabaise.

    If you go northeast, toward the Finch/Midland area, you'll find Chinatown North. Where there are lots of good chinese restaurants.

    A bit further northeast (at Kennedy, in the Pacific Mall parking lot) is the Mongolian Grill which is quite fun for kids and can be good if you mix your own choices well.

    1. They're just around the corner from Lin Garden. They serve up some of the finest Hakka cuisine you'll find. Just go east on Sheppard (from Victoria Park), drive for no more than a minute and you'll hit Pharmacy Ave. Turn right and there will be a small plaza immediately on your right (behind the plaza that faces Sheppard).

      I highly recommend the house shrimp, chili chicken and the spicy beans.

      Excellent prices too. Lin Garden is a real gem.