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Dec 19, 2006 01:52 AM

What to do with my OLIVER BONACINI gift certificate?!!!

My husband and I just received an "Oliver Bonacini" gift certificate for our wedding. I just looked at the website, and all those places look great! Where have you been and which one is the best?! I thought that "Jump" looked pretty cool...

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  1. I have just one word for you: Canoe!

    The location is spectacular (though unfortunately this time of year the sun sets before even the earliest dinner), and the food is magnificent. As I said the other day in another thread, the scallop-and-crab appetizer I had a couple of months ago was the single most perfect dish I've ever had.

    Auberge du Pommier would be my second choice.

    1. Depemnding on how much the gift card is for, you could simple spend it on a nice lunch or dinner at the Cafe in Bayview Villiage. If the gift certificate is for more than $100 I'd go to Canoe for sure - but remember, its not open on the weekend, only during the week. Auberge is consistently rated a top restaurant on various lists, but if French food intimdates you, or you dont want to go up to North York, I'd stick with Canoe. Jump is ok, food is good, but not as special as Canoe or Auberge. Happy spending!

      1. I agree with what has been said. Jump and Biff's are fine, however, I believe Canoe is the OB flagship location and is turning out great food. Keep in mind that depending on your wine tastes you could be spending $200 to $400 at Canoe (for two).

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        1. You can also go to Barrie & eat at this new foot of Blue Mountain place.

          It be a nice thing to do for new years.

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            Blue Mountain is in Collingwood...not Barrie