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Dec 19, 2006 01:47 AM

Ella Valley Winery, Israel

On our last trip to visit family we went wine touring around Jerusalem. One of the six vineyards we visited was a beautiful place outside of Jerusalem called Ella Valley. Met the owner, did the tastings and brought back several great bottles, 2003 yr I believe. Hand carried of course and no breakage, ah. Can't do that now unfortunately. One of the questions I asked while there was is their wine is marketed in the States. Yes, was the reply, they have a distributer in NYC. Anyone ever seen Ella Valley wines here in the states, specifically their Muscato wine. They have a great web site, and even a greater location in Israel to visit, but they do not answer their e-mail's, as I have sent several with no results. Any tips would greatly be appreciated, my next step is to call them on the phone.

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  1. You can always take the wine in styro shippers as baggage, but . . .

    I've never seen Ella Valley, but that doesn't mean much -- they may have a distributor in New York and not in California. But there are LOTS (and LOTS) of Muscats widely available throughout the U.S. -- from California, France, Italy, Australia and elsewhre. Not the Ella Valley, perhaps, but at least alternatives are certainly possible if you can't find that one.

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      I really liked what I drank, and yes there are alternatives, but I support Israel and I just genuine liked the beverage they produced. The Styro is an interesting thought, but how about the low temp in the baggage hold? A good friend recently came back from Italy and had no issue packing it in his suitcase, but somehow mixing bottles with soiled clothes does not sit well with me, even though all is sealed. I will have to look into styro idea though, thanks!

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        As a sales rep, I've flown all over the States with wines in the hold shipped in styrofoam six-pack and 12-pack containers with no problem.

        I've also flown many times with bottles wrapped in some dirty cloths, so . . .

    2. Ella Valley seems to be imported thru the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. From the link below:

      "For more information about the Partnership 2000 program or the Beit Shemesh wine route, please contact Reeva Ninio at (301) 230-7259."

      1. thanks for the tip, one of my sons graduated from G W U so I will be putting him on the case. Actually he works in Beit Shemash now, but I guess if all else fail, one of us will call them.
        As I previously mentioned, one of the owners, a tall guy, did say that they do have distributers in the states. Just that every place so far in Boston that I ask about Ella, looks at me like I just came from outer space. The store at Havard & Beacon Streets in Brookline never even called me back. The Butcherie in Brookline as well I inquired and they just looked at me with a Duh look. These are major businesses too. When I find it, I do know who not to order it from, and the list just keeps getting bigger.

        1. It's not uncommon for Jewish Federation groups to sponsor specific small producers in Israel.
          This seems to be the case with EV, I doubt you'll find their wines at regular commercial importers.
          Good luck with your search; and if successful, enjoy!

          1. Ella Valley Wines are very good, and great values. I bring their saviougn blanc, which has a bit of muscat, to friends who are neophytes. The little bit of sweetness makes it very easy to drink and shoes them there is wine beyond muscato d'asti! The petite syrah is also very good.
            Trader Joes in NYC has been carrying their wines (at a great price), and a bunch of other stores in NYC do as well. See if the Trader Joes near you does as well!