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Dec 19, 2006 01:13 AM

L'Orangerie: Yea or Nay?

I'm considering going to L'Orangerie before it closes, but would like to find out what people think of it first. Is it worth checking out? Or is it nothing special?

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  1. Totally worth it, but it's highly unlikely that they'll have any reservations open.

      It's been "not good" for the last 3 yrs(since Eme left), why do you think it's going the way of the dinosaur?
      Take the same $$$ to any of the Upper Echelon Restaurants in LA and enjoy yourself!

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      1. Thanks! Looks like I'll put that cash in the Urusawa fund...

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        1. re: thegrifter

          Take a nice Krug Rosé along. Enjoy!

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            Urasawa will be some of the best $$$$ you ever spent on fine food for 4 hrs of nirvana.

          2. I went a couple of weeks ago and the food was wonderful - so was the service.

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            1. re: S DAG

              S DAG - are you talking about L'Orangerie or Urusawa?

            2. If you've never been inside L'Orangerie before, it is one of (if not "the") the most beautiful restaurants in Los Angeles and I would suggest you drop in for one drink at the bar to absorb what you can before it's gone in 12 days.


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                This (dropping in for a drink) is a very good suggestion. We went for dinner about a year ago (friend's special occasion) and felt it was overpriced hotel food. We were surprised at how old-style the food was in terms of selection and flavor. L'Orangerie was a food destination 25 years ago, but not now.