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Dec 19, 2006 01:12 AM

can you name this chinese dish?

I used to get this delicious noodle dish on Monroe St in Chinatown. It was comprised of a broad white noodle with shrimp, steamed, in a brown peanuty sauce, topped off with sesame seeds. Does anyone know the name of it and where you can get it? I haven't had in a long time. TIA

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  1. Is this dish typically served out of a cart? If so, I only know it as shrimp noodles, but I had a pretty good version of it the other day on Grand St., just outside the entrance to the subway (look for the cart). I've also had a very good version in Flushing, at the stand on the east side of Main Street, under the LIRR overpass. There are probably many other carts in Chinatown that serve this as well (I think it's pretty standard), and you can buy it in some stores to make at home, but it's not the same.

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      Yes! that's it, I meant to mention it was served at at stand. Thanks.

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        you mean the shrimp in soft noodle. You get this sort of food at Dim Sum - the best place for Dim Sum in Chinatown is Golden Unicorn on East Broadway. You won't be disappointed.

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          I havent seen this with peanutty sauce though in dim sum places - usually I think the sauce there is hoisin/sesame oil etc. Peanut sauce sounds more vietnamese.

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            Yes. If we're talking about cheung fun, sometimes called rice noodle rolls, they're typically served with soy sauce, or in the case of the meatless versions with fried dough, hoisin sauce. I have never seen cheung fun with peanut sauce, and very seldom with sesame seeds.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              yes, you are absolutly right, its cheung fun - it can be shrimp
              or beef served with soy sauce or hoisin sauce - never peanut
              sauce or sesame seeds - they make it great at Golden Unicorn
              on East Broadway - Dim Sum is wonderful there - give it a try

              1. re: mstropicana

                It sold on the streetcarts with peanut sauce and sesame seeds.

            2. re: jen kalb

              The stands all seem to serve it this way now. They use four different sauces -- two are soy-type sauces, one is the peanut sauce, and one looks like oil, although I think it is probably a very mild white vinegar. Then they top it with sesame seeds and hot sauce (Sriracha) if you wish.

              The best version I ever had was from a storefront operation (long closed) on Center and Canal. They used a thick, slightly sweet soy sauce and nothing else. That was sublime, but alas not to be had anyomre.

              I've got to get downtown soon to have some shrimp noodles!

              1. re: LloydG

                Agreed, I've had it from street stands that comes with the peanuty sauce (definitely NOT Hoisan)and red sauce. It's different from the way dim sum restaurants serve them. Last time I saw one was at the stand near Grand and Christy..Allen street(?)near the Kwong Kee tofu store. That was also the stand that sold curry squid Hong Kong style, and some stew with Daikon radish.

        2. I think there are two on the corner of Canal and Lafayette. If we're talking about street food, the crepe like noodles are called Ha Mai Cheung.

          1. Street cart cheung fun always come with peanut sauce, sweet hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, and topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

            Theres a cart located on bowery and grand in front of the Tofu store. Another cart located on Hester and elizabeth.

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              yes, that's the one, i'm going this weekend. thanks.

            2. You can also buy it to take home at a tofu shop on the corner of Grand and Bowery Street (north east corner) in the store. Its really inexpensive and you just take it home and steam it. They sell a version in the store for breakfast that has corn mixed in with it which I kind of like. You can buy it in two sizes. I may go there tomorrow for breakfast to come to think of it.