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Calling all Florida craft brew lovers!! HELP!

Hey all! I'm looking for some good beer! I'm in Tampa but I'll take any info about Florida micro's. I'm familiar with Dunedin Brewery (YUMMY) and Tampa Bay Brewing Co. but I'm looking for some more local brews anywhere in Florida. I'd love suggestions for good brewpubs too. My fave is Tanks Tap Room in Carrollwood (Tampa). THIRTY-TWO beers on tap!!! (great German beers, Dogfish Head, and Rogue on tap!!!) I know there's better beer in the south than BUD!

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  1. Do you only drink beer on tap?

    If not, in St. Pete on 4th St. N. seek out Shep's Deli. They have close to 500 kinds of bottled beer. An unbelivable selection.

    1. The Sarasota Brewing Company (southern Sarasota) would be a good place to check out. They usually do flights of their in-house brews. Their bar food isn't bad either.

      1. There's the Spnish Springs brewpub in The Villages, a retirement community abouot 20 minutes north of Leesburg in Lake County. Their mega-award winning brewmaster, Buzz Brown, is gone but I suspect the quality of their product is still worth the trip.

        In Orlando, try the Orlando Brewing Co., a good sized brewpub in an industral area of Orlando near the Amtrack train station.

        Here's a link to a story I did about them recently.



        1. Abbey Brewing Company in South Beach contract brew their very own tasty recipes. Winner of many medals...it's the anti sobe pub. No scene, no snobs just good suds in a cozy setting. 16th St just east of Alton Rd...right behind McDonalds.

          Also try Zekes on Lincoln Rd also on sobe for an ultra extensive selction of beers all priced for just 3 bux! I just had a couple Morretti La Rossa's there the other night. Dopio malto (double malt @ 7.2% alchohol by volume)!!! This is by far the best Italian beer I know and if your local Italiano joint doesn't stock it, tell them to do so immediately.


          1. I liked Charlie and Jakes, on North Wickham Road in Suntree (just north of Melbourne). Get off exit 191 of I-95, head east about 6 miles or so. Beware, the Eau Gallie Charlie and Jake's is a BBQ shack only.

            Their beers win regional and national competitions pretty regularly, according to them anyway. I've had the Wickham Wheat and Indian River Red and liked them both. Specialties vary by season.

            There's a review about midway down the page here, as well as other CFla recs:

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                And their pulled-pork is also pretty good...

              2. Thanks so much for starting this thread! We are headed to Florida in a few weeks and are greatly looking forward to visiting a few of these spots.

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                  Good to know I'm not alone in my quest! Have a good time!

                2. Abbey is a very good call. Not local product, but Le Bon on Lincoln Road has an excellent selection of Belgian beers.

                  1. Try The Independent, 29 Third St. N, St. Petersburg near Central, a small place loaded with great beer, especially the Belgian variety, with a different glass for each beer.

                    1. On another thread I started I got a suggestion to look up World of Beer in Clearwater. Just so happens the owners are opening a bottle shop and beer bar with an Outdoor Beer Garden in my neighborhood of Westchase (Tampa Bay). Check the link http://www.theworldofbeer.com/

                      1. Cock N' Bull Pub in Sarasota (Cattleman, near Fruitville Rd.) has great selection of beers. Especially good on Belgian's. ALways lots of good stuff on draft.

                        1. Here in Key West we have Kelly's Caribbean Bar & Brewery. The building is the original home of Pan American Airways and is a fun place to have a meal. Seasonally they brew a smokey dark beer that sends me right to Heaven. I feel fortunate to live right up the street from them.

                          1. Up here near Jacksonville - we have Seven Bridges (Southside Jacksonville) - Ragtime (Neptune Beach) - and A1A Aleworks (St. Augustine) - all microbreweries owned by the same company. Also River City Brewing (downtown Jacksonville). Another microbrewery. I'm not the beer drinker - my husband is - but he always finds something he likes at these places (he's a big fan of hoppy beers).

                            As for places with lots of beers on tap (stuff like Dogfish included) - we have a new place in Jacksonville Beach. Brix. It's a sister bar to the Ritz - also on Jax Beach - about a block away. Note that these are real bars. No food served (although you can bring or order in your own - used to be bring your own booze - now it's bring your own food <smile>). That's so smoking is allowed. Also on Jax Beach is a place called Paradise Alley. Somewhat dumpy - but tons of (exotic) beers.

                            Finally - there are a handful of Irish pub type places (like the Fly's Tie) - lots of beers. Again - these are bars with little or no food.

                            You can do a lot worse in terms of beer in Florida than the Jacksonville area. Robyn

                            1. HORBRAU MUNCHEN NOW IN MIAMI. REAL BAVARIAN BEER!

                              1. The Orlando Brewing Company makes really good organic brews - no food, but I see people ordering in Gino's pizza in all the time (which an awesome idea). They do flights, and the atmosphere is calm enough that you can actually have a conversation with your drinking buddies- and they have free wireless connectivity if you have no drinking buddies with you at the time.

                                1. A BJ's just opened in Pinellas park and one is scheduled to open in Citrus Park:


                                  Other places that I can think of with great selections that have not been mentioned:

                                  Mellow Mushroom - Sheldon Road, Tampa
                                  New World Brewery - Ybor
                                  Cappy's (they used to have some good bottles, haven't been to their new location
                                  Hyde Park Express - bottles for purchase
                                  There is a drive-thru out near USF in Tampa - good selection

                                  Used to love Hoppers, but they have since closed.

                                  1. old topic, but when the search for good beer is involved, it's a worthy one!

                                    i always wanted to try st sebastiaan belgian in spring hill, but to my dismay i think they've closed.

                                    i'd heard a rumor of a place opening in the tarpon area called st. somewhere brewing but no clue as to the progress. http://www.saintsomewherebrewing.com/

                                    i've also heard that spanish springs is closed? perhaps they're still brewing for the restaurants in the villages though, not sure.

                                    i do so wish someone would open a great brew pub north of orlando (and stay open.


                                    i second the orlando brewing company - fun atmosphere and great beer, no food. i also second and really like visiting the new world brewery (not really a brewery) in ybor when we go to visit TBBC.

                                    not a brew pub but a spot with a decent beer selection north of orlando area, try the emerald hen pub or the willowtree restaurant in sanford or maggie's attic in mount dora. (also no food - but visit frosty mug icelandic pub to eat)

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                                      Also, The Copper Rocket in Maitland, and redlight redlight in Winter Park both have great selections as well, but neither are brewpubs.

                                      I'm always interested in finding more great places to drink beer (it makes my hubby smile when I "find" a nice gem :) ).

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                                        Buzzy is gone from Spanish Springs, but the last I knew they were still brewing and using his recipes . . .


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                                          Awww. I never made it out to St Sebastiaan! Thanks for the info.

                                        2. ran across a few other places in sanford while looking up info on their jazz / food tasting tomorrow 4-9pm (4/12)

                                          these are places that i've never been to but am looking forward to checking out -- supposedly have decent beer selections (at least the first one does judging by their website)

                                          sanford wine company

                                          costello's bistro and bar

                                          west end trading company

                                          OH, and there's a beer fest downtown orlando 4/28 - went to one there a few years ago and it wasn't that great, maybe they'll have upped their selections this go round.......