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Dec 19, 2006 12:23 AM

Bootsies, closed?

Does anyone know if Bootsies, the gourmet hamburger place on 19th St. is closed? They weren't open very long and they weren't very busy either.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It was always very slow when I went in. I really, really wanted to like this place but had one ho-hum hot dog, and one ho-hum burger. The buns were awful, big, bready pumpernickel something-or-others that swallowed up the meat. The 'hotdog lover's sauce' was a cloying, grocery-store-bbq-esque glop that I, as a hotdog lover, couldn't believe they thought tasted good.

      Honestly, a sesame bun would've been better, and possibly could've saved this place. And they were 2 for 2 in messing up my order. And, like I said, it was empty.

      I hate to say it, but 5 Guys beat them easily. I think they were jumping the gun on franchising this place before they even got their act together to have a good product.

      1. I was a fan of the food, but not of the prices or long waits. If it's closed, it's a shame, but not a big shame.

        1. To answer your original question, if they are closed, reports:

          Bootsie’s, the natural fast food spot on 19th Street has closed. A sign in the window claims they will re-open in the first week of 2007 as “a full service restaurant featuring a Continental and Mediterranean menu, including steak and other great creations.”

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            Sounds like an about face to me. Unfortunately (?) I never made it to Bootsie's. I wonder what the new place will be called and since they have been charging an arm and a leg for a burger, I would venture that those steaks won't be cheap. The mediterranean part sounds fascinating though...isn't the chef from Waterworks looking for a job?

            1. re: cussbucket

              I saw the sign and it said it was re-opening in January as a Mediteranian restaurant but keeping the burger and dogs. The burgers were good (albeit expensive) but the comment about the bun is funny. It was almost too healthy.

              And Jolly's on 19th closed about a month ago.

            2. I must have missed it -- did Adan Trinidad leave Waterworks? Who is cooking there now? I really enjoyed Trinidad's menu (though, based on the published reviews, I was the only one who did).

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              1. re: Cruz

                Ed Doherty is in the kitchen now AFAIK.