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Dec 19, 2006 12:12 AM

Pasadena Taco Trucks

I've noticed that the taco truck on Fair Oaks above California gets plenty of good press around here.

But what about the taco truck on the corner of Walnut and Fair Oaks (formerly on Fair Oaks and Holly, but before that at the same location it's at now)?

I personally think that this place, El Chavo, has far the better tacos, just a few cents more expensive. Anybody agree with me?

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    1. Why go to a truck, when you can go to King Taco on Arroyo Pkwy in Old Town. The Al Pastor taco is a great thing. My advice is to get it without adding onions & cilantro, this is because the Al Pastor has carmelized onions & the raw ones just overpower the cooked ones. They are also best with salsa verde as the red is REALLY hot. It's all about flavor. King Taco is always clean, unlike those trucks.

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      1. re: alkyd9

        If you are into Al Pastor, as I am, try the kitchen in the back of the small neighborhood market on the corner of Hammond & Summit (1 block north of Mountain and 1 block east of Raymond. You will stop going to King Taco once you taste it!! ;-)

        1. re: WildSwede

          I've got to go there since I'm only about 5 minutes away.

          Also, the good taco trucks around town are usually better than King Taco.

          1. re: martyR

            The Pasadena King Taco location is my least favorite. Its more expensive than the other KT locations and food turnover isn't fast enough so freshness suffers.

        2. re: alkyd9

          Well, if it's around midnight and you want a taco, King Taco is closed. That's a pretty good reason to go to a truck. And this truck is pretty clean. It's run by a very respectable-looking middle aged couple. Besides, the tacos at this truck are, in my opinion, better than King Taco (which is pretty tasty, I must say).

          Anybody else a fan of this particular truck? I'm tired of all the acclaim going to the one near California, when this one is better.

          1. re: mcmal

            Is it in the parking lot of the Shell station? I am trying to picture it, but am unable to. What time do they get there and is the Al Pastor the only thing I should try or do they have other good offerings? I may just have to stop by tonight! ;-)

            1. re: WildSwede

              Yes, in the parking lot of the Shell station, on the Walnut side. I do believe they're closed one night a week; Monday, I think.
              They don't have that much on the pretty basic menu, and stick to the tacos. The al pastor is scrumptious. The carne asada is well above average. Also, even though I've never had one because I prefer other things, a couple of friends tell me that the chicken is noteworthy.

          2. re: alkyd9

            The truck on Fair Oaks and Holly is 10 times better than king taco. Try the Al Pastor tacos at the the truck. Hours are from 9-3a, tue-sun

          3. I think that King Taco is a good place to go, but I have to say that the tacos as the truck on Fair Oaks in Pasadena is better. I've tried the lengua, carnitas and pastor and all are great and the condiments really seal the deal. Its great that we have both to coose from. King tocos during the day, and the truck at night.

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            1. re: Mr Pasadena

              Mr. Pasadena, which truck on Fair Oaks are you referring to? This thread is kind of the truck on Fair Oaks at Walnut still there -- El Gallito?
              There are now two trucks on Fair Oaks near California -- some people prefer the yellow one (El Chavo?), some the white one (El Taquito).

              1. re: Chowpatty

                El Gallito is still there, still going strong and still good as ever.

                1. re: Chowpatty

                  El Chavo is not near California. El Chavo is on Holly/Fair Oaks and beats out Gallito and Taquito.

                  1. re: awwwyeah206

                    Got back into town and noticed that El Chavo moved back to Holly/Fair Oaks. They also had a little sign up saying that they're opening a taco stand on Green. Near PCC I think (don't remember too well since it was late and I was badly jet lagged).
                    And yes they are really good. But I must also give some credit to the yellow truck, Gallito, which I remember having some pretty tasty al pastor.

              2. the yellow taco truck in pasadena has the best tacos in the universe hands down. Not only are all the meats just perfecto, but they got some kinda magic stuff going on with there hot sauces. the green and the red sauce they have is something that i can not find anything even close anywhere, and believe me if tried.

                1. The original comment has been removed