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Dec 19, 2006 12:01 AM

Where can I get lard?

I live in Philadelphia. I wanted to make pie (apples, pears, and golden raisins) a couple of weeks ago, and my Mama always taught me that real pie crust is made with lard. (I make good pie crust, but Mama's is sublime.) Went to three grocery stores (all chains) and couldn't find lard anywhere. Even at the place with the fairly large ethnic foods section the staff looked at me as if I'd grown a second head when I asked. Had to settle for veg shortning and butter. NOT the same.

So. Anyone know where I can get real lard? Thanks!

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  1. Any Hispanic grocery store will have lard (manteca).

    1. Just about every Mexican grocery store has it. Brand is often "El Puerquito de Oro" (the little golden pig), sold in 27 oz. plastic containers. Nice porky-flavored lard. There are many Mexican grocery stores around 9th and Washington in the "Italian" Market area. I'm surprised you can't find lard in supermarkets, I used to get the white flavorless stuff there, but this Mexican stuff is much better.

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        Thanks. I've only ever used the white stuff, and I could usually find a couple of packages in the regular grocery store. I think it disappeared fairly recently. Fear of fat, I suspect. I get dried chiles on 9th St, so I'll try the same place. They're very patient with my grade school Spanish.

      2. There are Amish farmers who deliver pastured meats/raw dairy to spots around the city. They also have things like lard. Wonderful stuff - make the best carnitas and pies. I could give you their numbers if you'd like. I tried to send you a private message through this board but was unable to. Is that not a function of the new chowhound boards??

        1. There was an article in the NY Times a few weeks ago about making pie crusts with various fats:

          The author suggests a combination of 70% butter and 30% leaf lard ("high-end" lard from around a pig's kidneys). She says that leaf lard is available at Flying Pigs Farm stand at the Union Square and Grand Army Plaza Greenmarkets on Saturday and by mail order. If you don't have time to trek to NY, google them and you can order it by mail for $4.95.