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Dec 18, 2006 11:55 PM

Christmas spirit?

Do you know a restaurant that fits the bill?

Friday night dinner with my wife - call it a pre-Christmas dinner... someplace with a good vibe, but not too hipster. Good food - Italian, French, American are best. No Japanese. Price is not a concern, but the restaurant should be below 34th street. If you know of any place that decorates for Christmas or plays some corny old Christmas music, that would be fantastic! Thanks, and Merry Christmas!!!!

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  1. Rolf's on 3rd avenue for the most Christmas decorations you will ever see or Artisinal for a less crowded christmas vibe.

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      I appreciate the tips Roze, I will check out Rolf's (I have been to Artisinal many times). I was just thinking back a few years and remembered that Virgil's also decorated the place pretty nicely for Christmas... of course, the only problem is that Virgil's isnt so good. Anyone else have any good places for that Christmas spirit?

    2. Also, since it's a tough request, I would consider going north of 34th street, as long as I stay on the east side - so upper east side is fine.

      1. Even though Rolf's is in our neighborhood, we've never eaten there because it's pretty well known that the food is mediocre at best. Perhaps, you should stop in for a drink to view the decorations, then go elsewhere for dinner. My suggestion would be Eleven Madison Park.

        Rolf's (3rd Av. & 22nd St.) and EMP (Madison & 24th) are within easy walking distance of each other. I haven't been to EMP lately, but I imagine that space, which is gorgeous to begin with, would be beautifully decorated for the holiday season. And, of course, Chef Humm's French-inspired cuisine is sensational! Checking OpenTable, I see they have a table for two available at 9 p.m. on Friday.

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          EMP was beautifully decorated - red and green flowers/foliage - in a v. sophisticated way.

        2. While I can't vouch for the food having never dined there - I was in Moran's on 19th and 10th a week or two ago and it was beautifully decorated. Two fireplaces - warm ambience - garland and lights everywhere - it was really nice. I do know the menu is pricey and it seems that they may cater more to private functions, but I figured I would pass it on. Maybe some others can pipe in on the food/service for regular dining?

          1. Balthazar is a great place to dine at any time of year, but particularly during the holiday season. It is tastefully decorated and festive and the food, as always, is terrific.

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              I just came on to post the same thing. A few friends and I have a tradition of going to Balthazar for a holiday lunch every December--it's so festive and bustling this time of year, and the decorations are lovely. Great service and food. Really puts us in the holiday mood. (Can't attest to the corny Christmas music, though.)