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Dec 18, 2006 11:42 PM

Looking for a special tea

Does anyone know where I can find Harney & Sons tea? Prefereably downtown or thereabouts, or the Peninsula. Need to buy some for a client gift. Thanks!

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  1. I should add we've already checked the usual places, Bristol Farms, Andronicos, Whole Foods, any and all tea shops we can find.

      1. re: SanseiDesigns

        Apparently not enough time to do that....

      2. I don't know who has that particular brand of tea but this link is a pretty comprehensive list of tea merchants, you might want to see if there's anyone you missed calling -

        1. I think they sell it at Williams Sonoma. Pretty sure I've seen it at the one on Chestnut.

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          1. re: pane

            Yes - they sell these at Williams Sonoma, but the flavors might be limited.

          2. Macy's ?

            But you might want to call and confirm they what they have in stock since a number of the items on their website seem to be discontinued.