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Abbreviations glossary

This is for all those abbreviation illiterate people like me!

things i recently found out from other helpful users!

ISO = in search of
DH = dear husband

i'm still confused on a few tho
Please post the meanings of the common abbreviations you have encountered on this site?!?

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  1. Thanks RiJaAr. In search of... never would have sussed that one out.

    1. Here you go. All the ridiculous abbreviations you never wanted to know, and a few more for good luck. I admit these are pretty parenting-specific, but do cover some of the more common ones.


      EOD? Probably not.

      1. I'll add a couple to the linked list...

        IMNSHO- In my not so humble opinion

        DINK- Double Income No Kids

        1. YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

          1. PITA or PITB - Pain In The A** (or Butt) :-)
            AYCE - All You Can Eat
            EAK - Eating At Keyboard (and I am doing so right now)

            And many, MANY more than you could possibly ever use here:


            1. i wonder if BAK (baking at keyboard) is legitimate, as i am usually running back and forth getting advice while i'm baking ?

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              1. re: RiJaAr

                Yes, and then you don't let us know how things (pie) come out :)

                1. re: pescatarian

                  i didn't?? i wwill have to go back to that thread and describe it there for all you !

                2. re: RiJaAr

                  which might easily be misread as BAK (baked at keyboard), which seems to be characteristic of many interweb posters (present company excepted, of course).

                3. If you ever have an abbreviation you don't know, type into Google, "What is IMHO", for example, and it will have an explanation and a link at the top of the page. This will work for anything, not just abbreviations.

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                  1. re: Peter Cuce

                    So will "define: IMHO" (as example) in any search engine

                    1. re: HillJ

                      DH = Department of Health
                      ISO = International Standards Organization

                  2. RL..and about five examples down "define: DH" gives you darling husband.

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                    1. re: HillJ

                      update...one stop shopping for any definition.


                      1. re: HillJ

                        no but when i once posted that i "stuck the dirty knives in the dw", the local police arrived and started looking for the body of mrs jfood.

                      2. My favorite, dating from the old Compuserve Bacchus Wine Forum, is somewhat obsolete but still useful:

                        DNPIM ("Do Not Put In Mouth", i.e. something horribly awful)

                          1. AMW = Actress, Model, Waitress (very LA)
                            DD = Dear Daughter
                            DH = Dear Husband
                            DS = Dear Son
                            DW = Dear Wife
                            FWIW = For What It's Worth
                            HHOK = Ha Ha Only Kidding
                            HHOS = Ha Ha Only Serious
                            IANAL = I Am Not A Lawyer
                            IDC = I Don't Know
                            IDKAIDC = I Don't Know And I Don't Care
                            IIRC = If I Recall Comforter
                            IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
                            IMNSHO = In My Not-So-Humble Opinion
                            IOW = In Other Words
                            ISO = In Search Of
                            JFGI = Just (****)ing Google It
                            LMAO = Laughing My Arse Off
                            LOL = Laughing Out Loud
                            ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing

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                            1. re: Das Ubergeek

                              Thanks for the detailed info...........finally I can decipher the abbreviations!

                                1. re: OCAnn

                                  should be: If I Recall Correctly

                                  1. re: OCAnn

                                    ooh, i dunno, i recall my comforter all the time, don't you? :P

                                2. IIRC = If I (Recall/Remember) Correctly

                                  1. OP = Original Poster
                                    SO = Significant Other

                                    1. IHOP = International House of Pancakes.

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                                      1. re: AKSLA2006

                                        Many restaurants themselves get abbreviated (to say nothing about AOC). IHOP is of course the most immediate suggestion, but I know DTF gets used a lot as an abbreviation for a popular dumpling house in Los Angeles, SSG gets used for a noodle house, and often times people just begin to invent abbreviations mid-post just for the sake of brevity. Surely after a while you get used to the abbr.

                                        1. Dear Husband!! UGGGGHHH! That's what that means.
                                          Yuck, I don't like that. No wonder I couldn't figure it out.

                                          I'm surprised I don't see:

                                          DC = Dining Companion

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