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hot wings...do quality wings exist out here?

Being a transplant for the southeast, I always try to find good wings but seem to fail over and over. I live in the burbank area, and am in dire need of some, so any help in finding the golden wing would be great.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised at the buffalo-style hot wings at the sports bar at the LAX Marriott. They got the bleu cheese dressing right (ranch with wings in an abomination), and the sauce might even have been based on Durkee's Red Hot.

    1. I like hot wing cafe on Melrose east of La Brea

      1. A question, not a comment:

        There's a wing place on Pico (between Robertson/Beverwill--I know, that's specific) on the north side of the street. There's a grand opening sign, I forget but it very obviously has to do with BBQ hot wings.

        Has anyone been? I'll try harder to remember the name next time I drive by (or heck, go in)

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          There's a place on Venice with a Grand Opening sign too, in the general vicinity of Robertson on the north side of the strret. I think it's called Hoagies and Wings but I might be mistaken.

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            Hoagies and Wings is very good, and has been open for awhile. But they are a bit further east, on Venice near Hauser. Very accomodating service, justifiably proud of their wings, and their Philly cheesesteak is good, though I still prefer Philly West's. They deliver, but note in the current cold, windy weather that seating is outside on a covered patio.

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              Hoagies & Wings also just opened a new location on La Cienega, south of Olympic (or was that Pico?). In any case, it's one of our standby delivery places. The wings are great (try the lemon pepper!) and the the people who work there are fantastic.

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                You can check out Hoagies and Wings' menu on its web site:


          2. Hamburger Hamlet chicken wings are pretty large and juicy if that's what you mean by quality wings.

            You can have them with a Buffalo style sauce or their famous apricot sauce.

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              The last time I ordered them, I was soooo turned off by the VERY feathery chicken wings I was served. -A huge appetite killer.

            2. I know I sound like a grinch but did you ever try to search for older posts? Of course it does always seem that people always have new places to suggest.

              Here goes. Do a search and you will find these two mentioned over and over again. Ribs USA in Burbank and the best are found at Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz.

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                Ribs USA has great buffalo wings and is otherwise awful. The wings are the same as the ones that were sold at Rubin's Red Hots before it closed (Ribs USA and Rubin's once had the same owners). I always get the Ribs USA wings with an extra side of the extra spicy sauce and also get the spicy french fries (their basic fries bathed in the hot wings sauce). I like Hoagies and Wings spicy wings, but prefer Ribs USA's. Hoagies and Wings pack more heat, but the Ribs USA wings have better flavor. And Ribs USA is a lot closer.

              2. hoagies and wings is pretty darn good. they were voted best wings a couple of times in local press. I really liked them a lot.

                1. The place on Pico between Robertson and Beverwil is actually part of the Pizza Hut chain. Never tried their wings.

                  1. Big Wangs in Hollywood...they also have great fries and HUGE drinks!

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                      Yes, Big Wangs is a choice of several friends, in that awful mini-mall at the SE corner of Cahuenga & Selma, in the heart of the Cahuenga drinking corridor. Replaced the lightly lamented El Camino.

                    2. Great Wings place at the end of Washington Blvd. at the beach in Venice. It is basically a shack -- and I think it is called "Wings".

                      Also, I love the wings at "Slice" in Santa Monica -- on Wilshire between 9th and 10th St. The pizza is pretty kick ass too.

                      1. If you are looking for the best Wings in the Los Angeles area, you should try West Coast Hot Wings ( www.westcoasthotwings.com ) in Northridge. The restaurant is at 8454 Reseda Blvd. (cross street Chase


                        There are 10 flavors of Wings to choose from and everything is made fresh to order. WCHW only uses fresh jumbo Wings and also has a BBQ menu. It is worth the trip from Burbank or anywhere in the LA area. You will be pleasantly surprised to find good quality Wings on the west coast.

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                          Good to know. I have driven by a few times, but had already filled myself up with Cupid's Chili Dogs (as I always do when I find myself in the valley) so have not stopped. Will try next time. Thank you!

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                            Just a note, the location at 8454 Reseda Blvd. was WingNut but is now West Coast Hot Wings. New owners took over WingNut with new recipes and an improved menu.

                            Be sure to save some room for West Coast Hot Wings on your next visit to Northridge. Cupids is always great for dogs, but if you are in the mood for Wings & BBQ, this is the place to visit.

                        2. Ye Rustic Inn on Hillhurst has great wings! But beware, it's incredibly loud in there. Still I go. For the wings, of course. Monday nights they have some special for wings and a pitcher of beer.

                          1. YE RUSTIC INN is the best on Hillhurst in bewteen Franklin & Hollywood Blvd.

                            In past posts, there are a bunch of wing lovers that agree with me on this one!

                            1. This is a bit non-traditional, but I love, love, love the hot wings at Hu's Chinese Restaurant in West LA (near the corner of National and Motor). The wings are salty and hot, with stir fried jalapenos on the side. The Szechwan dumplings are also great.

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                                Hong Kong Cafe Sawtele and olympic Crispy Salty Garlicky & Jalapeno's
                                Either that or DEEP FRY Your own Wings Coat with melted Butter and Franks red Hot Sauce and spread with celery slices and blue Cheese or ranch dressing.....

                              2. Well I just got back from the Northridge "West Coast Hot Wings" location from reading recommendations on this thread.

                                I enjoyed this place very much yet are you ready for this, what would make me return were their baby back ribs. These blew away the wings, these ribs were to die for and fell right off the bone, so so good.

                                Please give them a try.

                                My favorite for wings though, hands down is still "Ye Rustic Inn" in Los Feliz.

                                Thank you for this tip though,