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Dec 18, 2006 11:21 PM

HELP! LAMB, pork and beef in meatloaf??

I thought I had a pound and a half of ground beef for meatloaf but now find that half of it is probably ground lamb. Am against driving to the store now. It's defrosting at this point and I'll be starting to put the loaf together in a little while.

QUESTION: Has anybody ever tried a meatloaf with beef, lamb and pork sausage? Veal, I know...but lamb? Will it overpower or ruin the other ingreds?


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  1. Well, if you don't have people who want to try a new flavor in meatloaf, why not change gears and prepare Greek meatballs (which require lamb)?

    To answer your question, if people like lamb, it'll be fine in meatloaf, just a bit different.

    If you're willing to try the Greek meatball route, use a lot of the same fillers for meatloaf - i.e., bread crumbs, a dash of worchestershire sauce, perhaps a little tomato, but also add a generous sprinkling of oregano, some garlic and onion(dried or fresh). Make into balls and either broil or fry, serve with rice and plain yoghurt, maybe with pita bread and a fresh simple salad with cukes and some Greek olives and feta.

    It's going to be all right.

    1. Thanks a lot. My husband is an adventurous sort and won't mind a "different" taste. He does, however, REALLY want meatloaf tonight.

      1. Well, go for it, just call it Greek meatloaf and cut loose with the oregano!

        1. I'd advise against meatloaf. Lamb fat gets hard as it cools, as well as being cloying. Go with the meatballs.

          1. Go for it. Beef, pork and lamb is a traditional ground meat combo in parts of Italy, not just Greece.

            If you mold the meatloaf in a loaf pan but turn it out onto a roasting or jelly roll pan, a good portion of excess fat will cook off and you'll get more crust.

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              Exactly! I love this combo for flavor and texture... :)