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Dec 18, 2006 11:10 PM

Paradise Grill--Del Mar....Any Feedback?

Anybody been here (Via de la Valle).....looks like a nice place to grab a drink and's the food?

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  1. Have been there a few times. For the area, it is a nice change from the high-priced neighborhood restaurants. The food is okay for the price, but nothing overly exceptional. It is a good social/drinks/small plates place. The outside patio is comfortable as is the outside bar. Wine list is modest, but accomodating.

    1. Trying to be upscale but the food doesn't match the expectations nor the prices.

      1. Instead of the neighborhood potluck christmas party, we went down to Paradise Grille. I had not been there for 6 months, as we had given up on the place. Pretty restaurant, nice concept, but uninspired food.

        We spend $110 per person (sounds hard to do, but we drank some pretty good wine) and the wine was the only thing decent about the place. Jerk chicken was dry, the steaks were overcooked, the salads were run of the mill, just totally mediocre.

        I hate to say it, but for the price, I would rather go to Papa chino's, the other mediocre eatery in the mall. Paradise Grille is just missing the mark, although they seem to be busy enough.

        I won't be back until there is a change of chef or ownership.

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          if you're going to spend that kind of $$ per person, just go further east a few minutes on Via de la Valle to Carl Schroeder's new place, Market Bar and Restaurant (on the old Blackhorse Grill site). Food will not disappoint!

        2. I was there Saturday evening and the food was excellent. Three of had duck, sirloin steak, and hangar steak. For appetizers we had a lobster salad and a garden salad, both superb. My only disappointment was even though we had a reservation a week in advance that was confirmed with a call a day in advance, when we arrived the dining room was full and we had a choice of sitting in a heated patio area or the bar. When I expressed my disappointed they simply said we will make a note next time that you prefer the dining room. Are there those that would prefer the bar?

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            Do you mean Market or Paradise Grill? Sounds like Market's food. If so, the same thing happened to us, we had a reservation and they tried to stick us next to the bathroom door in the bar. They acted like it was unreasonable to expect to be seated in the dining room without a special request. I found it annoying, and so did the three other couples they tried to seat at that table after we refused to sit there. (We wound up at a different table in the bar.)

            1. re: Alice Q

              Yes, it was Market. I called the next day and left a phone message for Carl, but never heard back. I love the food, but don't like the treatment. They, too, seemed to imply I should have requested the dining room. From your posting it seems this was not a one-time situation but an ongoing policy with them.

              1. re: PGB

                PGB-not their policy at all. While they had not seen this thread on Chowhound, they tell me that from now on, if it looks like a full night they will alert those reserving after that point that any open space will be in the bar or the patio. Given the RAVE review in last week's San Diego Reader, they will be very busy for many months. (As I've said before, I have no $$$ interest in this place, I'm just a fan.)

                1. re: Bob Foster

                  Good to know and glad you brought it to their attention. As for the food, I'm a fan as well. It's good that there are places of this calibre with entress in the $20s.

          2. We've eaten there twice. Good not great. For that kind of $$$ I'll go east about a mile to Market bar and Restaurant.