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Dec 18, 2006 10:58 PM

Noodles in Downtown or Queen Anne SEA?

Will be visiting a best friend in Seatlle and are craving good Asian Noodles. . . Any recs?

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  1. Wineangel, your best choices will of course be in the International District, the southern end of downtown, and it's well worth the walk or short hop on the bus where you can explore the world of noodle options from Vietnamese to Thai to Japanese to Chinese etc. Last weekend I tasted the duck noodle soup at Green Leaf (Vietnamese) - it was outstanding. Their other specialty noodle soups look great as well, in addition to pho of course. I'd suggest Green Leaf.

    1. Not sure whether they have noodles or not, but you might be interested in checking out the latest Asian fusion restaurant which opened downtown last week, Qube. Have not been yet but have heard good reports. (2nd and Stewart, NW corner). Any reports, anybody?

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      1. re: barleywino

        I'm going Sunday and will post a writeup in a new thread. FWIW, there's (presumably pre-release) menus online at, though I think the menus actually at the restaurant differ slightly.

      2. I can never resist the hand-shaved noodles at Shanghai Gardens in the ID (and Issaquah). Right next to Shanghai Gardens in the ID, across from Uwajimayas is a great noodle soup place....Green Valley? The name isn't coming to me right now. Jane

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          Green Village. Noodle soup w/ duck.. yum. They also have my summer fave, chicken cold noodles. Try the wonton in special sauce for a little bite. It's a bit spicy but just enough to warm up your taste buds.

          1. re: rumgum

            Is this the place that has (had??) really garlicky spicy noodles with chopped peanuts prominent?
            May be my favorite soup (for today, at least...)

            1. re: mrnelso

              They all sound fabulous. Where is this place?

              1. re: Lauren

                It's across where Uwajimiya used to be located on King Street. I believe Shanghai Garden is on the same block. It's also next to Yummy House Bakery.

              2. re: rumgum

                Some friends and I went there for lunch today. I had the noodle soup with duck which was pretty good - but I thought the broth was a little thin (not as flavorful as I've had elsewhere). My friend had the beef noodle soup which was fantastic. I'll be having that next time!

            2. Barleywino,

              We tried Qube last weekend. No noodles (that I saw) but the food was good. A few misses, but if you do the set, that's 9 opportunities for misses. Overall, an A- experience. This place will do well.

              1. Ethereal,
                Thanks for the report! Looking forward to trying it.