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Dec 18, 2006 10:54 PM

Lunch between Longwood and Brighton?

Hi I am going to be heading between Longwood medical area to Brighton in a rush tomorrow during lunchtime. Now I know some places I could eat, none so hot, but I'd love all of your opinions on where YOU would go for a tasty bite along the way. Where would you go? I'd like to try someplace new or something I hadn't thought of, but wont have enough time to mosey around. needs to be takeout or a get-your-food-and-sit-down type of place. Lived here for a while so I know all the streets etc.


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  1. There are good places in the Coolidge Corner area, and it's right on your way. You can take out from Khao Sarn if you call ahead, or get a falafel from Rami's, a shwarma from Schwarma King (or vice versa), or a slice at Upper Crust (I know some people hate it, but I like it).

    I know there are other places if you take the Allston route to Brighton, but those are my standbys.

    1. How about a yummy falafel or some other delicious thing at Reef Cafe in Allston? Be sure to ask for the white garlic is to die for. 170 Brighton Ave, 617-202-6366.

      1. Bamboo for Thai at Comm and Washington Sts. Garlic grilled pork lunch plate with noodles and veggies if they're offering that again (they did and then it was just rice, but hope springs...)

        1. good ideas, thanks everyone. i totally want falafel now.

          1. Reef Cafe's falafel, which is fava-based in the Arab style, is probably my favorite in town. If you prefer the Israeli style, (based on chickpeas, which I also like), consider Rami's in Coolidge Corner, though I generally go there for their fabulous turkey shawarma.