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Dec 18, 2006 10:48 PM

Cocktail Party Venue Suggestions (Manhattan)??

Hi, I have come across this board recently and found some great advice in this short time. I am trying to help a friend plan a birthday party/cocktail party. There will be approximately 75 guests and preferably costs would not be more than $100 per person.

I am trying to find a venue in a lounge type space with couches or comfortable seating, namely not a typical sitdown restaurant or solely standup bar. Would like to have hors d'oeuvres and open bar on a Saturday in January (short notice!) from approximately 8-12.

I am having a really difficult time finding a place that offers the setting and prices I am looking for. Does anyone have any experience with great places they can recommend? Am open to any suggestions, thanks for any and all advice!

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  1. Flatiron Lounge on 37 W. 19th St (bet 5th & 6th).
    Easy to get to by mass transit. I was in their private room for an event not too long ago; excellent drinks (They had some sort of lemonade concoction that was yummy). Aesthetically their private room was well decorated and very comfortable– people sat, stood, mingled and did not worry about knocking into one another. The upstairs bar was very well appointed – nice ambiance I thought. And from what I heard they have a very good staff to work with.

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        Our event had crudité and light finger foods. Was it from their kitchen – not sure? We weren’t really there for the food – mostly just the place and drinks, which were both great. Their website talks about private parties and reservations, so it doesn’t look like catering is an issue.

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          I tried to have a party there last year and they told me they do not provide food. Maybe things have changed.

          Yes, drinks are fabulous here!

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        I would recommend the rooftop of the Library Hotel (Madison/40th). Great venue. Did a 40th party for about 50 people - they had plenty of room. They have a full bar and various options for food. They were very accomodating - ordered various hors d'oeuvres and they arranged a tasting in the restaurant downstairs. Let me bring the cheeses from Artisinal and my own wines ($10 bottle corkage). It falls within your price range. They also have 2 terraces which probably wouldn't get much use in January, but it adds to the atmosphere. Has a nice sound system - bring your own mixes and they will play.

      3. It may not be your speed, but I recommend the basement room at El Parador (34th between 1st and 2nd). The food is good if you just want to do apps and they have a whole bar set up in the room downstairs.

        Good Luck

        1. Gibraltar Lounge, below Jacques Nolita restaurant. Cool Morroccan decor and offers everything it seems you are looking for. Price point should be in line as well. Great appetizers, etc.. -- Good Luck!

          1. I recently had a good time at Stone Rose Lounge in TWC. It was recommended to me by someone on the board. It was a great place and the views were terrific. If that does not work, I would second the rec for Flatiron Lounge.

            1. Gstaad (26th btwen 6th & 5th) is a large space with a ski lodge motif. cabin room in the back seats about 20 in a cozy, private setting and the front area is a bit more sparse with seating as well to accomodate the rest. you can cater yourself so that cuts down on costs. saturday is generally their busiest night so not sure how much tougher that makes the private booking, but during the week it's easy to do on short notice. Worth doing a survey some night. ask for ande.

              Shebeen (Mott @ spring) is a warm, loungey place. Also byof(ood). probably enough seating for half your group. the rest would take turn standing. Good cocktails.