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Dec 18, 2006 10:47 PM

Upcoming trip to Sidney, Melbourne, Darwin, and Cairns, HELP PLEASE!

hello all

my friends are taking a trip ( damn its not me ) and i always investigate on chowhound for them in different places around country and i always amaze them with a list of awesome places. i think they might doubt me this time, since they are leaving help me wow them again!

they have:
5 days in cairns
3 days in darwin
3 days in sidney
4 days in melbourne

seafood, seafood, seafood is a must! would love recs on italian also and any "local" flavor? or anything else that is a must...

money is no object for this couple...

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  1. Cairns is like Daytona Beach so if your friends are into that, great.

    Did not find any Chowfinds other than this large fresh fruit market that sells exotic fruits that were wonderful. A must try is custard apple; I'm salivating thinking about it right now.

    If they want something cheap, there is the Cairns night market where they can buy just about any fast food Asian dish. Yummy but not fancy.

    1. It's spelt Sydney, and I live in Sydney.

      It depends what your really into.
      If you like "All you can eat" buffets, sydney is the best for it! When they arrive in Sydney, tell them to go to an information centre, information centres have TONS of catalogues with all you can eat buffets, fancy posh dinner places. ((If there staying in a Hotel or Motel then get them to ask about food services when they check-in))

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        pardon my spelling :) that my old dogs name and i didnt even think...

      2. there is a great italian place in paddington called buon ricardo, and you should check out the bar at the establishment.

        1. Check back issues of Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine -- one of the best food publications in the world, and always with excellent cover of new and special eateries

          1. Just returned from Sydney, several really great meals. Bill's for breakfasts; yes, I loved the corncakes and pancakes. Also nice breakfasts at the Gumnut Cafe in the Rocks. Two dinners at Billy Kwongs that blew me away - the mandarin orange duck is just as great as its reputation, but everything else we ate was outstanding. Very upscale at Tetsuya's, thought it was just lovely, creative, and delicious. Creative Indian at Oh Calcutta - went with friends, stayed for hours, i think we may have ordered everything on the menu, and loved it all. Disappointed that Longrain was closed when we were in town; some kind of water damage. Watermark out at Balmoral couldn't have been a better place for a lovely lunch just off the beach.