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Dec 18, 2006 10:35 PM

Sushi Yasuda

I am taking my dad to Yasuda for lunch on Friday for a Chanukkah gift splurge. Does anyone have any recommendations/recent experiences that they would like to share? We definitely want to have the toro tasting, as my dad is a huge fan, but what else?

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

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  1. Just make sure to get whatever the chef recommends that night. It will be incredibly fresh and delicious.

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    1. re: bladerobbins

      I found the oysters particularly good there.

    2. The selection of different types of eel was really interesting and different than other eel I had had elsewhere. The Russian uni was wonderful. Salmon tasting was also great when I went--particularly King salmon, with white flesh. Agree with the oyster--sushi topped with some sea salt. You can't really go wrong with anything they recommend.

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      1. Try their vanilla ice cream for dessert. It is delicious. Hope you are sitting in front of Yasuda at the bar btw.

        1. Uni, uni, uni, uni...and then for dessert-uni!

          1. Request to sit at the bar in front of Chef Yasuda and have him to serve you whatever he wants. Best, and only, way to do it.