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Dec 18, 2006 10:19 PM

Central American

My mom is coming to town on Thursday, and I'd love to take her out for some good Central American cooking. She was in Guatemala earlier this year and loved the food, so Guatemalan would be ideal, but anything other good suggestions would be much appreciated. Is La Xelaju still open/good? Thanks!

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  1. You should say which borough you are interested in.

    In Brooklyn El Continental is Salvadorian, and is the kind of place you could take mum.

    1. Thanks! I live in Brooklyn, but I'm willing to travel, so I have total borough flexibility.

      1. Salvadoran is plentiful in the city however Guatemalan is a little harder to find. I can't comment about Xelaju, I do know that there is a Pollo Campero in Corona on Roosevelt Avenue. Pollo Campero is a fast food franchise based out of Guatemala.

        I was recently in Union City NJ and I noticed a few Guatemalan places on Bergenline Avenue. El Rincon Chapin 2118 Bergenline Ave and there was a bakery a few blocks away. I didn't have time to go inside so I can't comment on the food or atmosphere.

        There are a few in Stamford CT as well, about 45 minutes away on Metro-North. You can check the tri-state board for more info.
        Please let us know where you went and how the food was.

        1. I would like to edit my previous post. El Rincon Chapin is not Guatemalan, it is run by Salvadorans and marketed to Guatemalans in that community. There are no Guatemalan dishes the only Guatemalan thing they have is beer (Famosa). The food was not good. There are a few other reasons not to go there, but I won't get into it here. AVOID this place!