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Dec 18, 2006 10:03 PM

Half-Price Wine Night Restaurants?

I'm looking for restaurants, preferably with great food of course, that offer the entire wine list at 1/2 off on a certain day of the week.

BOA steakhouse still doing it Sun nights?

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  1. Taste on Melrose has half-priced wine on Mondays. I didn't love the food there, but it is reasonably priced and had a decent wine list (mostly CA wines).

    1. O-Bar's entire wine menu is half priced on Monday. Not "great" food, but good.

      1. Pastis on Beverly near Crescent Hgts. I think it is Wed. Also the Whisper Lounge at the Grove just started something similar on Tuesday night.

        1. 25 Degrees - Sunday nights
          Bottles only - no deal on carafes.

          Assume this deal still stands.

          1. A very local type restaurant in Belmont Shores, Long Beach has half price wine night on Mondays:

            La Creperie Cafe
            4911 E 2nd St
            Long Beach, 90803
            (562) 434-8499