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Half-Price Wine Night Restaurants?

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I'm looking for restaurants, preferably with great food of course, that offer the entire wine list at 1/2 off on a certain day of the week.

BOA steakhouse still doing it Sun nights?

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  1. Taste on Melrose has half-priced wine on Mondays. I didn't love the food there, but it is reasonably priced and had a decent wine list (mostly CA wines).

    1. O-Bar's entire wine menu is half priced on Monday. Not "great" food, but good.

      1. Pastis on Beverly near Crescent Hgts. I think it is Wed. Also the Whisper Lounge at the Grove just started something similar on Tuesday night.

        1. 25 Degrees - Sunday nights
          Bottles only - no deal on carafes.

          Assume this deal still stands.

          1. A very local type restaurant in Belmont Shores, Long Beach has half price wine night on Mondays:

            La Creperie Cafe
            4911 E 2nd St
            Long Beach, 90803
            (562) 434-8499

            1. I remember going to Nik and Stef's last year during January where their wine list was half off... does anyone know more about this deal? I think it only happens in January. If anyone could post specifics, that would be so cool!

              1. Warehouse in Marina Del Rey has 1/2 off any bottle of wine on Mondays with the purchase of 2 entrees. We got a bottle of Cakebread Chardonnay on my birthday for around $36. Good food, too!

                1. Red Pearl Kitchen on Sunday Nights

                  1. Bistro Verdu in Montrose Tues nights on selected bottles
                    Cat in Custard Cup --
                    mondays and tuesdays, they have 50 wines for 50% off
                    wednesdays no corkage
                    thursdays, 25% off the entire wine list

                    1. Hal's in Venice.

                      1/2 price on "select" bottles.

                      1. BOA Santa Monica and West Hollywood still offer Wine Lover's Night on Sunday evenings, where all bottles of wine are half off.

                        You might also want to try blue on blue at the Avalon Beverly Hills hotel, they have a great deal on wines Sunday and Monday night during Bistro Nights, and have also just introduced No-Corkage fees on Wednesday nights.

                        1. by brazil (churrascaria) in torrance has 50% off wines on weds.

                          1. Avenue in Manhattan Beach - 50% off on Monday
                            Some big name wines on their wine list!!!

                            Mark's in L.A./Ho(?) - 50% off on Sunday (hit Specials, Promotions & Links

                            1. Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks

                              I believe it's tuesday and or wed nights, but please call them to confirm.

                              1. Lola's on Fairfax and Santa Monica offers 1/2 price select bottles of wine in its dining room on Monday and Sunday night.