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Dec 18, 2006 09:38 PM

Looking for sweetbreads in Minneapolis

My sister loves sweetbreads and I'd love to take her out and order some for her birthday.

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  1. Sautéed sweetbreads are currently on the menu @ 112 Eatery.

    The best I've had in town were accompanying a veal dish at La Belle Vie last year, however I do not believe the dish is on the menu any longer.

    I have not personally seen them on any other menus lately.

    1. I take that back! I just saw them on the menu @ Alma on Thursday, I have not yet tried them however.


      1. Does anyone know a butcher shop that sell them? I want to cook them myself. Thanks

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        1. re: ibew292

          Didn't Priscilla say you could special order them at Lund's?

        2. Vincent has had sweetbreads on his menu - not sure if they're always available or are a special.

          And El Gaucho Argentinian Grill has them as part of the mixed grill. At least, they did when I was there last, but that was months and months ago....


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          1. re: AnneInMpls

            you can definitely find it at El Gaucho (it can't be an argentinean resto without grilled sweetbreads). We buy it at various butcher shops, mostly ethnic & asian places. just call ahead your closest butcher and i'm sure they can get it for you - it's not as rare an item as you may think, many local(upscale) restaurants have it in the menu.

            1. re: MariQ

              Yes I know you can special order it but am looking for a place that has it in stock most of the time. Johnson Meat Co. used to stock it but they have moved or closed so I would like a place where I can stop and get it. So if anyone knows of such a place. Thanks