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Dec 18, 2006 09:25 PM

blanxart cocoa

I found a little paper packet of Blanxart cocoa at Big John's PFI a few weeks back. Thought it was cocoa powder, but it was hot cocoa chocolate. Oh my WORD! Delectable. And gone now, so I went back to buy 'em out (great stocking stuffers, I thought). Alas! All gone, no more. Anyone know who else around town might have this? I've seen their chocolate bars all over, but that's not what I'm looking for. Thanks!

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    Is this the stuff? It's sold out online, but perhaps you might find in one of the retail stors.

    1. Blanxart cocoa is avail thru the Cocoa Connoisseur at 4.95 a bag...a little know secret...if you prepare and chill this delicious beverage you have outstanding chocolate mousse.

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        If it's the cocoa powder you seek, buy the cocoa powder.
        Well worth the hot or cold/chocolate mousse !

      2. PFI supplies Delaurenti's with Blanxart, maybe they carry the cocoa.

        1. You could get effectively the same stuff by taking a microplane grater to a bar of their dark chocolate.

          1. I was just at the Spanish Table and they carry it, as well as other Blanxart products.

            By the way, it's not just grated chocolate (although that would make a tasty cup of hot chocolate). I believe the ingredients were: cocoa powder, sugar, corn starch (or corn flour???) and vanilla. You could probably replicate it with some good quality cocoa powder, but it sounds like missliss is looking for it as a nice small gift.


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              Bleh. I just assumed it'd be drinking chocolate, not some fancy swiss miss.

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                It might be worth looking at the shelf that chocolate was on. I saw another Blanxart bar I'd never seen that was square; perhaps that was grateable drinking chocolate? There were also other brands on the shelf. I didn't stop to investigate the others closely since I was on a mission for saffron.