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best linguini alle vongole (clam linguine yum!)

ciao hounders...

where are people's picks for the best linguine alle vongole, prepared simply with white wine, olive oil, and parsley. add-ons like red pepper flakes, toasted bread crumbs, bottarga and such would be good, too, but not necessary. preferably near west village or downtown. thanks!

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  1. My favorite is actually at Vico - Madison btwn 92nd & 93rd - not a CH preferred place and only takes cash, but if I'm not going to make it myself, this is where I go.

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      I should add - I've never seen it w/ Bottarga - which I love - will have to try that some time.

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        yes, i have a friend who makes it with bottarga and red pepper flakes. it is super-yum.

    2. My favorite (besides my own) is Zucchero e Pomodori on 2nd Ave near 75th Street.

      1. will one of you make me some? : ) just kidding. thanks for the recs!

        1. I enjoy the version from Le Zie. Nice and simple but very good. They do not use the red pepper flakes but I suppose you could request it. By the way, if you really love this dish, try to get up to Roberto's in the Bronx. Their linguini vongole is fantastic.

          1. Esca! but it is spaghetti not linguini and i prefer my own, too!

            1. I've had a really good rendition at Il Posto Accanto, a cute little wine bar on 2nd street.



              1. Via Oreto 61 st and 1st. Anthony the owner learned from the very best and the Linguini White Clam is on par with that of Don Pepe's which hands down is the best in NY..Unfortunately not in the City...of course I should add this best of is strictly my opinion but it is a dish I pay special attention to.

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                  Michael - I, like so many other priests, was a frequent visitor to Connies, and enjoyed your grandfather's hospitality so much! He was a gentle man, and so kind. I would love to discuss a thought I ahd with you if you could contact me.....thanks! Fr. Jim

                2. Elio's on UES is very very good.

                  Lukeydog do you mean Don Peppe in Ozone Park?

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                    Don Pepe...now that place made a kickin' white clam sauce! Not shy with the garlic.

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                      Yes the one and only Don pepe's!!!Lefferts blvd and 157th ave I think.

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                        Don Pepe's is the best. Worth the trip out of Manhattan. You have to get the baked clams too!

                    2. I would say Chelsea Ristorante. Not on the map for foodie's but the place makes an amazing Spaghetti Vongole in this smoky oil based sauce. It's so good. My friend and I, every time we go there, one gets that dish, the other gets the black taglioni pasta in a cream sauce with smoked salmon flecks. We each eat half and then switch. The oil and the cream dishes balance each other out well.

                      1. I love the linguini frutti di mare, close to vongole and they make it too, at Campanile on 29th street between Madison and park avenue south. It is to die for! You can have it made with white wine or with a tomato sauce. I had the one with tomato sauce and it was exquisite. It is a very nice restaurant and the owner is really friendly. He makes you feel welcome and you always have a nice dinner there.

                        1. thanks for everyone's recommendations! i've been having a major craving, and now i have some places to check out. ^_^

                          1. I loved the linguini/white clam sauce that I had recently at 44 Southwest on 9th Ave in the theater district. Very simple: tiny sweet clams; white wine; olive oil; parsley; roasted garlic. Perfect.