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Dec 18, 2006 08:39 PM


With Stanley closed for renovations, I was at a loss for a good breakfast spot in the quarter. Well, no more. I tried Eat (on Dauphine) for the first time this weekend, despite its odd name and having displaced another favorite, the Quarter Scene Restaurant. I am not hesitant to say that it is one the best breakfast places in town. The shrimp and grits were probably the best version I have ever had, with a mushroom accompaniment that was akin to a light marchand du vin. The Eggs Dauphine, with tender ham and devine hollandaise, was excellent, and I can't wait to try the other offerings. Like QRS, its byob, so we brought champagne to make mimosas for our brunch.

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  1. is it breakfast all day - or do they serve other items at lunch/dinner?

    1. They have seperate lunch and dinner menus. I looked at them briefly and plan on trying both.

      1. Had dinner at Eat Tuesday night. The pork medallions covered with carmelized onions were super.
        I'm from Baltimore and benefited from the Chowhoud posts I read before visiting. Thanks!