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Mango with salt

ok, so this little kid i know from honduras does this, he takes a fairly unripe mango, slices it and dips it in salt.. and i tried it. it was awesome!

anyone know of any other fruits that taste good this way?

any other unusual combinations of food that are delicious?

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  1. In the same vein, watermelon and feta.

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      Don't forget the red onion and rich black olives with thhat combo

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        I had that at a Moroccan restaurant in SF and it was so good--with olive oil drizzled over it and maybe basil or another herb. I'm trying to remember what the restaurant was...

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        A great amuse bouche is a cube of watermelon with balsamic vinegar in a tiny well on top of the watermelon. Never tried it on larger cubes, but have been tempted.

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          That sound so amazing...I love balsamic vinegar and will give it a try.

      3. its good with salt/chili powder mixture.

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          I eat Fresh Guava with salt and chili powder. It tastes great!

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            yes! i love green mango with a mixture of cayenne and salt. yum.

          2. In LA the street vendors uses mangos, pineapples and papayas. Dash of salt and chili powder. Good stuff.

            1. I like Sriracha on my mango and avocado.

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                I'll eat Sriracha on anything :)

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                  I like Sriracha on its own, straight out of the bottle :)

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                      It's a hot sauce that looks sorta like ketchup. Comes in a big bottle at asian supermarkets.

              2. I grew up in Brazil eating green mangoes with salt. It is very good! We used to do the same with starfruit.

                1. Yes, guavas and green mangoes with salt are awesome! So are unripe tamarind pods! Grew up on this stuff in India. Actually, I use the salt treatment with many other fruit that didn't turn out as sweet or delicious - end of seasons peaches and nectarines, pears that I wasn't patient enough to let ripen.

                  1. I'll eat Sriracha on anything :)

                    1. Tropical fruits with limón (key lime), chile, and salt are heavenly. Here in Mexico, we eat watermelon, papaya, pineapple, mango, jícama, cucumber, quince, apples, and oranges that way--to name just a *few* fruits!

                      If you're interested in trying the chile, you'll want to try Tajín. It's powdered chile, a bit of lemon, and a bit of salt, all in a little jar and ready to sprinkle on your fruits. You'll find it at most supermarkets.


                      1. strawberries with cracked black pepper, warmed up with a bit of brandy.

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                          ooh also with strawberries, dip them in sour cream and then brown sugar... yummy

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                            strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar is a yummy combination.

                        2. Salt on watermelon or starfruit, lightly.

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                              Also good is corn on the cob with a lime chipolte butter...yum, I'm dreaming of summer.

                            2. we eat mangoes with salt and tabasco on guam. filipinos eat mangoes with fish sauce. i like salt and black pepper on pineapple slices. thanks for the cravings.

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                                I myself was raised eating green MANGA with salted, fermented shrimp paste aka bagoong or alamang. Delish!

                                Or sometimes we would eat green manga with vinegar.

                                And salt on all fruit is yummy!

                              2. In the Philippines, we do eat any fruit that is sour with salt. I know that it sounds funny, but somehow the salt brings out the sweetness. Sprinkle some salt on sour strawberries, watermelon, or pineapple.

                                1. when i was growing up, my mom always sprinkled a bit of salt on grapefruit. brought out the sweetness.

                                  1. With mango I also highly recommend a squeeze of lemon or lime over it.

                                    1. In Taiwan I remember eating round plums (not the milly kind)that's been smashed (seeds still in)and marinated with soysauce and big pieces of ginger...

                                      Also good sea salt on papaya, pineapple, & watermelons...

                                      1. green mango with lime juice,salt and hot pepper

                                        1. growing up in Hawaii we always salted our pineapples, and it really brought out the sweetness, almost counteracting the tartness.

                                          1. There is a special salt concoction that I've only been able to find in Taiwan that is especially made for pairing with fruits, e.g. guavas, mangos, strawberries, and the like.

                                            Visually, it looks like crushed sea salt with flecks of black pepper.

                                            Anyone know if I can find it here in the States?

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                                              I love this, if it's what I'm thinking of--we had it on fruit all the time when we were growing up. I can't even remember what it's called but I'm going to look for it.

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                                                Do tell if you find it.

                                                Those trans-Pacific flights just for salt can be quite expensive ...

                                            2. My dad salted and black peppered ripe cantaloupe slices

                                              1. my grandmother did the same with cantaloupe.

                                                1. my babysitter puts salt on apples. i tried it-- not bad.

                                                  1. Try mango wedges and peeled/seeded cucumber wedges tossed together with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, a pinch of kosher salt or sea salt and ancho chili powder.

                                                    1. Both Mango and Pineapple work surprisingly well with Cilantro, salt and pepper. Mango is kind of a given in that sense as a Mango salsa is fairly common, but I was surprised at the chunks of Pineapple and finely chopped Pineapple - its different but it is good.

                                                      1. Trader Joe's sells a chili-spiced dried mango with hot pepper and salt. I bet it'd be good on fresh mangoes, too.

                                                        1. Unripe Tamarind and salt tastes great.
                                                          A little salt added to ripe Syzigium cumini is also great!
                                                          Partially ripe papaya goes well with salt too.