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Dec 18, 2006 08:09 PM

King's Garden

Has anyone been? A friend suggested going there but I've never heard anything about it.

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  1. We used to go quite often for Dim Sum on Sundays... It was good - not cheap - but good. With the exception of the WAY overpriced stirfried snowpea leaf..... Stick to the menu and you'll be fine! :)

    1. Speaking of King's Garden, I passed their sister restaurant, Golden Leaf, on Spadina Saturday afternoon. The place was in darkness with a piece of paper attached to their window---bailiff's notice perhaps? Did they go under?

      Any info?

      1. I reserve King's Garden for entertaining friends/business when Spadina scene would be too much for them. It is fancy and very good. More expensive but the presentation and room makes it worth it.

        I have only had dim sum there.

        1. Golden Leaf was renovating last I saw, that was several weeks ago.

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          1. re: Kasumeat

            Golden Leaf is now open only for dinner from 5pm on, and closed on Mondays.

          2. King's Garden has good weekday lunch dimsum. And the setting is a lot less grotty than the Spadina joints.

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              1. re: Herb

                So where else can I go that has a decent atmosphere, great food (including dim sum), but is not obscenely expensive? Dynasty on Bloor? Spadina Garden on Dundas? Asian Legend?

                1. re: kasey j miller

                  It's by no means obscene.... Lai Wah Heen is on that level of expensive, but King's Garden is quite manageable for most... We see a lot of families there... And Rick Mercer, the last time we were there :)

                  1. re: kawarthagirl

                    agreed. it is not 3 times what you would be accustomed.

                    1. re: deelicious

                      Compared to Lai Wah Heen and Rol San it is reasonably priced. It is about as good as Rol San (maybe less) and much nicer for guests or timid friends. It is maybe twice the price and portions are a tad smaller. Compared to Lai Wah Heen it is half the price, half as good and much less stuffy a room (and King's Garden isn't exactly NOT stuffy). The Joanne Kates quote embosed on the door is spot-on -- "Decent Downtown Dim Sum". Decent -- that's about right.

                      All that said, I will never go to it again as I find it just too mediocre and too expensive. But, then I regularly frequent Trad. Chinese Buns -- broken plates, plastic cutlery, loose basement ceiling tiles and all. So, I guess I don't place a high standard on the ambience.

                      If I want good dim sum, I go to Ambassador on Hwy. 7. Once in a very long while I go to Ding Tai Fung. Once a year I end up at Rol San. I also end up at Mother's Dumpling a fair bit (bi-monthly) for a sort-of dim sum (dumplings and pancakes only).

                      Ambassador gives you the BEST dim sum in a very nice polished HK dining room. For a price considerably less that King's Garden (maybe 2/3s the cost of King's once you factor in portion sizes).

                  2. re: kasey j miller

                    I think the Asian Legend on Dundas is exactly what you are looking for.

                    Very nice atmosphere, with both dim sum and dishes and good quality food

                    1. re: superizzy

                      Keep in mind that asian legend ONLY serves northern chinese dim sum. Not Catonese dim sum. Hard to compare to Rol San, Lai Wah Heen and King's Garden.

                      1. re: qtxniki

                        Rol San rocks. And incredibly consistent.

                  3. re: Herb

                    not really three times. Rol San to me is great value. Kings Garden is maybe twice the price and less on some dishes.

                    It is MUCH more upscale in surroundings and presentation!

                    1. re: deelicious

                      It's probably 3 times of the prices of the "off hours special" that some places have, all dim sum at $2 or something.