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Dec 18, 2006 08:00 PM

Peppermint ice cream

I just wanted to say that a scoop of Dreyer's peppermint ice cream is the perfect light ending to a big, festive holiday dinner. We were served that at a lovely, elaborate dinner party on Saturday night. I'd never had it before and it was just right. I wouldn't have thought that vanilla ice cream with streaks of pink and little peppermint chunks in it would be so good!

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  1. if you want a real treat, make mint ice cream starting with fresh mint... steep mint in hot milk, bruise the leaves, strain the milk and go. you'll never think about mint ice cream the same way again.

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    1. re: LauraBear

      you just made me so happy that i'm getting an ice cream maker tonight.

    2. my favorite combination is mint ice cream (usually mint choc chip, but it might be good with the one you mentioned. candy cane i think its called)
      anyways, a scoop of mint and a scoop of espresso or capuccino flavor ice cream together.. heavenly

      1. Decadent but great -- peppermint ice cream with good bittersweet hot fudge sauce. Paradise on earth.

        1. Brigham's in MA makes awesome peppermint ice cream -- I love it!

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          1. re: Chocolatechipkt

            Have to agree with the Brighams peppermint. The best sundae ever is peppermint Ice cream and Hot fudge with marshmellow- tastes just like the mint girl scout cookies we all love so much.

            1. re: MeffaBabe

              Mmm ... and I'm heading up there next week!

          2. East Coast voting. Turkey Hill from Lancaster PA make a mint chip ice cream. The chocolate pieces are soft, not teeth-splitting. I love it.