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High Stakes Cheese Steaks on Flatbush

Big red sign, chairs inside still wrapped in plastic for the past week. Will it be any good? Can a cheese steak ever be better than Pat's in Philly?

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  1. gotta tell ya...i'm from philly and i don't think pat's is all that. there are much better places to go for a fabulous s. philly cheesesteak. that said, i like the idea of a cheesesteak place here in brooklyn. on ppsw there's been an ominous 'cheesesteak factory' sign next to the luigi's lot but i've never seen it open ever. and the sign has been there a long time now.

      1. Has this opened yet? I thought I saw people moving around inside when I drove by last night.

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          I tried a steak here about two weeks ago, and I actually thought it was pretty solid. I grew up near Philly and ate at Jim's every Friday when I was a kid, so in my reasonably well informed opinion, this is one of the better steaks i've had up here. a little greasey, but overall i was happy with it.

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              Just west of Bergen St. where the diner used to be. (Silver Spoon)

        2. I am soooo going here this weekend. Then I will file a brief report

          1. Went to High Stakes for the first time on Sunday before the Iggles game. Was pleasantly surprised at first to see a customer with a throwback Ricky Watters jersey but was equally dismayed to see the cook in a Giants jersey. Football rivalries aside, I went straight for the chicken cheesesteak. Growing up outside of Philly, my favorite sandwich in the world was a buffalo chicken cheesesteak. The key is to shave/thinly slice the chicken, just like you would the beef on a normal cheesesteak. The thinly sliced meat traps the grease and cheese perfectly to form the heavenly stew on a roll that is the cheesesteak.

            The menu mentioned the “grilled” chicken cheesesteak, which immediately aroused my suspicion. I asked the woman at the counter if I was just getting a grilled chicken breast sandwich and she assured me it was cool, it was chopped up and tasty. So, I ordered the chicken steak, Wit, with Whiz. Onions we’re nicely cooked, not too greasy, not burnt. Whiz rocks obviously. The roll was super fresh. The problem was the chicken. It was basically chopped up chicken breast and not the shaven meat of my dreams (that doesn’t sound good...). Disappointing, but exactly what the woman told me it would be.
            All in all, the sandwich was very tasty and a steal at $5, but it really wasn’t a true Philly-style chicken cheesesteak. I will definitely go back to try the beef model this week.

            1. 3 stars out of 10
              I ordered a beef steak with wiz.
              Too much seasoning, I couldnt even taste the wiz. Whatever that seasoning was, it ruined the steak.

              A great place in the West Village called Wogie's is good stuff! http://www.wogies.com/

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                Man, I with there was a Wogie's in Brooklyn! They're my favorite steaks in the city hands down.

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                  i think they deserve at least 8 stars it is really good........admit it

                2. having been to tony lukes i can say that tony has alot of competition. the sandwiches are very good and filling. not only do this place has great food but everyone that works in there have great people skills. like most places in brooklyn services is below average. who would have thought of having a place like this in brooklyn. great idea and great location!!!!!! the motto see you in two days.........well its just that great that you will be back in two days!!!!!!

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                    Have you been to Philly? Have you eaten a real steak? This High stakes place doesn't compare to Pat's. You are supposed to taste meat and wiz, nothing else!

                    If I ever go to High Stakes again, I will ask for no seasoning and maybe I can give it more than 3 stars if that works out.

                    By the way, the Tony Luke's in NY is no where near as good as thier Philly location.

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                      well, I am no cheese stake expert but I was a bit disappointed - the whole experience was a bit too greasy and soft - the bun, particularly was too soft, in all the wrappings, by the time I got it home, the meat could have been fried more carefully, the mushrooms - well I didnt notice any tho they were supposed to be there, minimal onions, - Im not saying it wasnt an edible sandwich which Ill probably have again, but it was nothing special - with the softness, more like a fastfood hamburger than anything.

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                        ok. i was passing by and decided to go try it out. i'm about to go on a monumental <gasp> diet on wed. and this was one of my last big caloric splurges. i grew up in philly and worked in a great italian pizzaria for a few high school years actually making cheesesteaks.
                        ordered the cheesesteak with mushrooms, cheese (american) and onions. took it back to my office. it was AWFUL. soaked with some godawful grease or sauce and on a soft spungy bun...not only did it bear no resemblance to a philly cheesesteak but just as basic food it was so inedible that i threw the entire thing out after 3 bites. what an abomination.

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                          Ah well...I suppose it was too much to ask having a good cheesesteak place in my hood.

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                            Agreed. I've been meaning to give them a second chance but I ordered a straight up cheesesteak with onions and wiz last month. The meat was dry and the bread bland. I had to haul out the ketchup. The large amounts of grease was red and tasted like peppery pizza grease. Shouldn't that stuff be clear?

                      2. Foul. I am a cheesesteak lover, Carl's Steaks is my sure shot. I was excited to see this place come into the neighborhood and ribbed my wife about how I would be a frequent future customer. Well, when I finally did visit, I got onions and cheese wiz. Barely any onion and minimal cheese. They didn't skimp on the meat though, that was a good sign. But it was drenched in this nasty, nasty liquidy gravy, I see people here are calling it "seasoning". It was like a mix of water, old bay, thyme, and gum arabic. Destroyed the taste of the meat and 10 minutes later almost made me throw up. I guess if you must visit, ask for no "seasoning" and get double cheese. When I walked out the woman at the counter said "See you in 2", I was like "not really".

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                          I see that there is alot of people saying things that i totally disagree with. I've had High Stakes everyweek since they have opened. I found it to be a very clean and warm place to go and get a quick bit to eat. I sorry that some of you don't agree, but for me I'm giving High Stakes 10***********. I'll be back in 2 days for sure.

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                            Im going to give you the benefit of the doubt here - the people running the place are really nice and I like the atmo but the sandwich was a major disappointment - tasteless greasy meat, no mushrooms or onions to speak of on a sandwich that should have had both, and sn ultra squishy bun. Took a long time too, which made the bad sandwich hurt more. If you are friendly with these folks hope you encourage them to improve the product - they would get a lot more customers if this calorie bomb was more enjoyable..

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                              bar none, it was the worst, greasiest off-tasting steak sandwhich i have ever every had...and i've had a lot.

                          2. All I have to say about this place is BOOOO! It's pretty bad.