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Dec 18, 2006 07:58 PM

Chinese food in Corpus Christi

Can anyone recommend a Chinese restaurant (sit-down) in Corpus Christi? My husband and I are staying in Port Aransas, and I know there's nothing here on the island. I'm always nervous to try a Chinese place without somebody else telling me it's good first, because if it's bad, it's usually really terrible!

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  1. Sadly I can't offer any recommendations, but I do think you should stay away from the buffet place next to the Asian market on SPID. What they serve is not Chinese.

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    1. re: cowfish

      By SPID do you mean South Padre Island Drive? If so, then I know the one you mean, and I will avoid it!

      1. re: amlwood

        I cant recommend Chinese either, but how about Vietnamese? D Noodlehouse 4701 Ayers has excellent lemon grass chicken over noodles. Their new sister restaurant (cant remember name) on Staples is also great, about a mile west of SPID. I've tried chinese and none stand out. Vietnam restaurant downtown is great but expensive.